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Fred Waller, EA, CFP

Fred Waller

Fred Waller, EA, CFP

Owner, Waller Tax Financial Services

Since 2000, Waller Tax Financial Services has been offering tax preparation and financial planning services throughout Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Its unique perspective – that tax preparation is just part of your overall financial picture – is the cornerstone of the business. Additionally, he hosts seminars on financial topics and authored a book entitled The Truth Shall Set You Free: Biblical Truths That Reveal God’s Plan for Financial Freedom.

Waller received the Emerging Business Award in 2007 and the Cornelius Award for Community Service in 2011.

With over 845 individual and small business clients, Fred Waller has seen his small practice grow during the last few years. Fred is married and daughters. He is an avid sports fan and loves to play tennis in his spare time