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Aaron Spangler

Portrait of Aaron Spangler Communications Manager

Aaron Spangler

Communications Manager

A Lancaster transplant, Aaron Spangler hails from Mechanicsburg, PA, but spent extensive time in Philadelphia both during and after studying Political Science at Temple University. A musician, writer, videographer, and activist, Aaron divides his Lancaster life between working at the Communications Manager for the Lancaster County Community Foundation, traveling the region performing with his band, and advocating for community change with the Global Shapers Lancaster hub, among other grassroots organizations. Aaron strives to be an ever-improving ally, and believes in the power of being an ear to the community, rather than its voice. He is passionate building platforms for Lancaster to tell its story in new and creative ways.

A Lancaster County favorite: Hitting up the Springhouse Taproom for taco night with friends, followed by a Lancaster Story Slam at Tellus360.

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