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Thousands of voices. One community-wide conversation.

AT the Table

Thousands of voices. One community-wide conversation.


From the cafe at Tec Centro, to the Pi Sigma Phi Fraternity at Franklin & Marshall College; from the refugee resettlement offices of Church World Service, to dozens of homes across Lancaster County, an estimated 2,000 members of our community came together on May 20 & 21 to talk about their ideas, hopes, and dreams for Lancaster as part of At The Table.

At The Table was launched to help the Community Foundation learn more about the county it represents; to see what its community-members are passionate about, what drives them to get involved, and what ideas they have to move Lancaster County forward.


On May 20 & 21, At The Table “hosts” gathered tables of friends, neighbors, and family together to hold guided conversations. The content was free-flowing, but its purpose was focused: to drive people in the county to talk about ways to improve their community. Partnering with the Center for Opinion Research at Franklin & Marshall College, we developed a survey for people participating in At The Table to complete that will share the ideas, themes, and opinions of these conversations, so we can move forward together.


Ultimately, we saw more than 100 people officially register to host. Some hosted one table and some hosted many. This led to at least 250 tables and nearly 2,000 individuals talking about their hopes and dreams for Lancaster County. Wow! We were amazed that so many people took the opportunity to have a conversation. We expect to report some of the top themes from the conversations  and a more extensive look at local ideas later this summer.

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