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Thank you 2014 Baldwin Fellows

The Baldwin Fellowship offers leaders in our community benefit sector a unique chance to pursue an area of personal growth and through a year-long individualized learning program. We believe that in order to lead some of the most important organizations in our community, we must invest in the individual development of our local leaders. With 36 Baldwin Fellows now graduates of the program, we are proud to have a strong network of leaders who continue to make positive local impact every day.

Our Program Officer, Dave Koser, shares some reflections on the 2014 Baldwin Fellows class below:

8x10_IMG_8933Congratulations to our seventh class of Baldwin Fellows, for completing a year-long journey of personal and professional growth! It has been an honor to get to know this wonderful group of emerging leaders in our community benefit sector. It is always so rewarding to witness the transformation that can take place when folks are encouraged to take time for themselves and learn from others, which are two of the program’s most critical elements. This group in particular was one of the most self-reflective, yet community-oriented cohorts we have seen since the program’s inception. Lancaster, our organizations are in the hands of some of the most thoughtful, down to earth, and capable people our community has to offer!

• Thank you, Melissa Hawkins from Disability Empowerment Center, for working so hard to find your voice as a poised leader who inspires respect every time you walk into a room.

• Thank you, Jessica King from Assets Lancaster, for focusing on your mind/body health through yoga, while simultaneously receiving the support of social entrepreneurs in your quest to be a premiere community resource in the promising and exciting realm of social enterprise.

• Thank you, Emily Landis from the Lancaster Science Factory, for contributing your own expertise and seeking the community’s input, to produce what we imagine will be the coolest, nerdiest, and most unique map of Lancaster we have ever seen.

• Thank you, Joyce Sands from Lancaster Public Library, for having the courage to make yourself vulnerable and learn about your leadership strengths and weaknesses, from strangers from all over the world. In Norway. You are so brave!

• Thank you, Kevin Lehman from Lancaster Creative Factory, for figuring out how to bring Vision Quests to our community. The depth of conversation that you brought to the group motivated all of us to dig deeper into our souls and challenged us to embrace the awe-inspiring reality that everything is truly connected.

• Thank you, Joanne Ladley from North Group Consultants, for setting the stage for this group to shine. You lead gently and by example, and there are now 36 Baldwin Fellows whose lives have been enriched through your guidance and support.

We will certainly miss our cohort meetings as this group concludes their self-designed programs for personal and professional growth. The great news is that we are in the process of picking another five more Baldwin Fellows. We are so excited about the possibilities for the eighth class. If it is anything at all like the seventh, we are in for a real treat!