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Ten Ideas advance in the Great Social Enterprise Pitch

Social Enterprise group


This spring the Community Foundation, in partnership with Assets Lancaster, launched the Great Social Enterprise Pitch. One of our Ah-Ha Conversations in action, the goal of the Pitch is to empower budding local businesses that operate with a unique “triple-bottom line” approach- People, Planet & Profit. First, we hosted two Idea Incubator sessions for interested entrepreneurs. Then, participants had the chance to apply for extensive business-building sessions in our Social Enterprise Workshops. Participants will focus on developing a fully-vetted and researched business plan which maximizes both profits and social or environmental impact.

Stay tuned for your chance to vote with your dollars for your favorite business idea in July during our Community Voting.

Team leaders and their Social Enterprise ideas:

  • Mark Walmer- Affordable Expungement services for ex-offenders
  • Sally Holbert- Senior Transport Service
  • Nancy Keeler- Clothing Company
  • Jonelle Renno- “Pay what you can” Café
  • Heidi Shirk- Youth Hostel
  • Sarah McGahran- Sustainable Farming and Café
  • Tim Seifarth- Sustainable Landscaping
  • Jocelyn Park- Networking and Activity Service
  • Sam Fisher- Nomadic Animal Grazer
  • Chris Caldwell- Bicycle Delivery Service

Left to Right: Jonelle Renno, Sam Fisher, Jackie Gerlizki, Tim Seifarth, Kathleen Wall, Ryan Harris, Nancy Keeler, Jake Keeler, Sarah McGahran, Chris Caldwell, Diane Richards, Jocelyn Park, Jennifer Powell, Heidi Shirk, Mark Walmer, Tim Heller.