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Support These 2022 Unfunded Grants!

While we receive many incredible grant proposals each year, we can’t fund them all. Even after awarding $635,000 in 2022, there are more meaningful projects that need support.  

As your philanthropic partner, we’re delighted to share how you can shape the community through these opportunities. Click on the drop down menus below to learn more about these unfunded grants.

If you’d like to give towards any of these opportunities, you can:

Community Benefit Organization (CBO) Capacity Building

This grant supports capacity building work designed to help fulfill an organization’s mission and an extra component to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) within the organization. Examples of capacity building includes strategic planning, marketing, or staff development.


Capacity Building Program (Click to Expand)

Advoz Mediation and Restorative Practices       

Expanding Advoz Work Through Meeting Needs of Our Communities of Diversity

Advoz has a series of values: Respect, Inclusiveness, Accountability, Integrity, Empowerment, Impartial, Collaborative, Purposeful. This organization seeks to understand how to live their values internally to assist our community when there is conflict over these issues in homes, neighborhoods, and businesses.  This grant would help Advoz develop better practical and daily strategies for engaging diversity and inclusion in the everyday work of a CBO.


Manheim Township Educational Foundation (MTEF)

Branding Our Future    

The MTEF Board just finalized their 3-year strategic plan which identified the need to update their visual brand and build a website that reflects their current and future needs. MTEF will hire a local marketing company to convey their mission and value proposition through bold and modern designs that connect with their audiences. They will custom build a website that has a digital grant application portal for students/teachers; is easier for staff to update; and delivers a seamless user experience for their core audiences (Manheim Township faculty, staff, students, donors, alumni, volunteers).


Pet Pantry of Lancaster County 

Development Strategy: Dog Foster Program      

Pet Pantry of Lancaster County is requesting $10,000 to help develop a community-driven dog foster program to serve the Lancaster County community. This organization aspires to nobly serve our community by providing a safe haven for dogs in need during times of transition. Fostering saves lives. One of the pillars of the program will be to serve marginalized communities and BIPOC families that disproportionately face transitional challenges. Their dog foster program will reshape the standards of foster care in Lancaster County and bring comfort to families in need of assistance during a challenging time of transition.


Lancaster Improv Players (LIP)  

LIP Sketch Comedy Program Development        

LIP will build a sketch comedy program in Lancaster by training teachers, building a three-level class structure, and developing at least three sketch comedy teams that will produce comedic content on stage and on video. They will supplement teacher training by offering scholarships to future teachers at nationally known comedy theaters like Second City and UCB. Improv notoriously lacks diversity. By adding sketch, Lancaster Improv Players’ main goal is to improve and celebrate diversity within the organization. They will accomplish this by adding key partnerships and improving marketing.


New Person Ministries 

Rebranding and Strategic Planning        

New Person Ministries has been in existence since 2004. They have grown and changed since their inception and their current branding is outdated. This organization is looking to update their brand to better reflect their organization. In addition, New Person Ministries seeks to go through a strategic planning process as well. As a small budget organization, it is difficult for them to set aside money for rebranding.


Pennsylvania Cable Network     

Election 2022 and Public Affairs Closed Captioning Service         

This grant would provide over 100 hours of closed captioned non-biased political coverage for PCN’s 2022 Election coverage and related public affairs programming to improve accessibility for viewers on cable and the PCN Select app. By partnering with Comcast, Lancaster County’s main cable company, and promoting coverage on air and social media, PCN will provide equitable coverage to more than 75% of Lancaster County’s nearly 550,000 residents who are of voting age to help residents become better informed citizens in local and state politics, regardless of age, race, income or political affiliation.


Tennis Central  

Adapting for the Future-Revamping Tennis Central’s Strategic Plan        

Tennis Central is a nonprofit located in Lancaster, PA that offers year-round tennis and educational programming to youth of all ages, abilities, genders, and economic backgrounds. This year, they launched the Game Changer program, which uses tennis as an entry point to help 100 K-12 students improve educational outcomes, build community, and meet long-term college/career goals. They are seeking a $10,000 grant to refresh their Strategic Plan to reaffirm their objectives, create updated development materials, seize new funding opportunities, and meet the individual needs of their diverse students.


Schreiber Center for Pediatric Development      

Schreiber Behavioral Health Therapists Recruitment Program    

Schreiber is requesting $10,000 to help in the recruitment of behavioral health therapists. The lack of behavioral health providers in Lancaster County continues to be a huge problem in the healthcare field. Schreiber started a behavioral health program in March of 2020 that has been well-received by clients and parents alike. As of now they have two therapists, with a waiting list of over 200 clients. In order to help those in need of services, they are looking to hire 6 clinicians with specialties in play therapy, health psychology, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and other developmental disorders.


Junior Achievement of South Central PA

DEI Awareness Training for Junior Achievement Staff     

As part of Junior Achievement of South Central PA’s DEI journey, one priority is to provide training for all staff to increase their awareness of DEI topics across the organization. Funds from this grant would be used provide professional development and self-reflection opportunities for this organization’s staff of 45-50 employees. Because of the nature of this organization’s programs, staff interact with people from all parts of the DEI continuum, including students, teachers, volunteers, community partners, etc. It is imperative that staff be provided with the tools/awareness to treat everyone with respect, empathy, and equity.


Planned Parenthood Keystone  

Marketing and Outreach for Planned Parenthood Keystone (PPKeystone) Lancaster Health Center

Support will fund a marketing outreach campaign to raise awareness of the new PPKeystone Health Center in Lancaster. PPKeystone is poised to expand sexual health care in the area by offering affordable and high-quality services such as cancer screens, STI testing/treatment, contraceptives, pregnancy testing, and more. Most of their patients are low-income and a visit to their health clinics may be the only medical care they receive each year. A campaign including billboard, digital, and radio ads – in both English and Spanish – will ensure that those who need care know they can receive it nearby.


PRiMA Arts Inc 

Prima’s Succession Plan

Prima Theatre’s mission is to invigorate lives through fresh theatrical experiences and to serve as a welcoming cultural organization in the Lancaster region. As a founder-led organization, Prima benefits from the vision of Mitch Nugent. But to ensure the organization’s service to the community continues in the long term, a succession plan is needed. With CBO Capacity building grant funds, Prima would engage a firm such as the North Group Consultants to initiate a succession planning process and secure the organization’s longevity and sustainability.


Kamp For Kids Corporation       

Zionsville Youth Camps 

Funds will be used for two camps in Zionsville; one serves families who have a child/children with autism, while the other serves youth who are at risk or underserved ages 8-18. Both provide a comfortable place to retreat to for the weekend, immersing youth in nature while engaging in enjoyable activities such as swimming, boating, and other sensory-friendly activities. We also offer high-end meals and host group events like a movie night and carnival. A guest speaker often joins us to touch on topics such as education, advocacy, and awareness. All of this is at no cost to the participants.


Families United Network, Inc    

Strategic Planning        

Families United Network, Inc has not been able to successfully complete strategic planning for six years they seek to outsource it. These funds will be used to secure a strategic planner and provide a space for their team to come together. This will allow them to effectively develop their new outlook for their organization and continue to grow our mission to help more Pennsylvania children and families. Please note that Families United Network is across the state of PA, and there are two programs running out of Lancaster County.


The Literacy Council of Lancaster-Lebanon        

High School Credit Recovery for Lancaster County School Districts          

In the last five years, nearly 68,000 students dropped out of high school before earning a diploma. With pandemic disruptions in K-12 education, this organization expected a post-COVID spike in this number. Elizabethtown School District collaborated with The Literacy Council to set up an innovative alternative that allows students (including ESL) to remain enrolled in school and prepare for a high school equivalency exam. They believe this option is a promising way to help students stay in school until 18 and regain focus on educational goals. Grant funding will help build capacity and expand to other districts.


The Factory Ministries  

Identity Exploration     

The Factory Ministries seeks to explore its identity to better align its values and vision with external needs and perceptions of stakeholders. Their current name does not reflect the growth of the organization and the many ways they now serve the community. While The Factory behaves inclusively and welcomes every person with acceptance and hospitality, its name may unintentionally exclude people who are not comfortable visiting a “ministry,” and could alienate potential funders and partners. A capacity building grant would allow us to engage a consultant to guide this existential conversation.


Volunteers of America of Pennsylvania, Inc.      

Expanding Access to In-Home Care for Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Differences        

In-home care supports independent living and long-term health for individuals with intellectual and developmental differences. Through VOAPA’s fee-for-service contract with the PA Office of Developmental Programs (ODP), they receive referrals for individuals in need of in-home care services across PA. Recruitment and hiring challenges have halted expansion efforts. Grant funds will support a dedicated Associate Recruiter in Lancaster County. This will build our staffing capacity to meet the level of community need, enabling individuals to live safely at home and avoid institutionalization.


Tenfold (formerly Tabor/LHOP) 

Tenfold Trauma-Informed Care Initiative: Supportive Environments, Empowered Clients, Fulfilled Staff

In partnership with Lancaster General Health, Tenfold’s Trauma-Informed Care initiative (TTIC) will make lasting improvements to our policies, office space, and staff development. TTIC will combine best practices with feedback from staff to build on and apply SAMHSA’s key principles for Trauma-Informed Care. TTIC goals include improving client outcomes, enhancing client and staff safety and satisfaction, strengthening collaboration, and minimizing re-traumatization of clients.


Lancaster City Alliance  

Max Capacity   

In early 2022 Lancaster City Alliance began their strategic planning process. They partnered with Work Wisdom to help guide the plan. Their board, volunteers, staff, and a strategic plan committee were engaged in the process. This included the need to evaluate their current staffing capacity and organization chart to ensure they meet their internal succession goals and community obligations. They are working with Wirebeck HR Consulting to identify specific staffing needs. This grant request would support the fact-finding and strategic approach to capacity building for the Lancaster City Alliance.


HDC MidAtlantic          

Designing and Implementing a Supplier Diversity Program at HDC          

HDC requests funding to build a Supplier Diversity Program because advancing equity in housing should go beyond increasing access to housing and should address how they can create economic opportunity through building it. HDC MidAtlantic believes organizations should implement strategies to advance equity as part of their mission and through operations. HDC has on average $28 Million in discretionary spend each year with 800+ vendors. In direct control of our resources, HDC can make decisions to guide dollars to increase economic opportunity for marginalized businesses as they provide affordable housing.


Historic Preservation Trust of Lancaster County 

Ephrata Historic Preservation Initiative 

The Historic Preservation Trust of Lancaster County in collaboration with Ephrata Development Organization (known as Mainspring of Ephrata) proposes to educate the downtown Ephrata community with an understanding of why preservation is good for the community and how it is a tool for economic growth.  This will be achieved through facade easements and improvement grants, National Register Historic District listing, and educational programs for businesses, school aged children, and the general public. Their hope is that once this project is successfully implemented, they can replicate it in communities across the county.


The Salvation Army      

The Salvation Army Lancaster Marketing and Development Initiative     

The Salvation Army Lancaster requests funding to support their efforts to build awareness of the services offered to the community, which include Pathway of Hope, College Scholarship Program, New Beginnings Program, and Food Distribution Assistance Program. The Marketing and Development Initiative aims to inform the community about professional life and financial coaching, reach more students deserving of a scholarship to pay for college, attract more male candidates for their transitional housing program, and spread the word to the community about free food distributed on Fridays.


Clare House Inc

Clare House: Representation Matters    

This project will bolster commitment to DEI practices and representation within the Clare House board, staff, donor, and volunteer bases. This effort specifically focuses on creating a volunteer, board, and donor base who more accurately represent the clients we serve. They seek to improve culture for employees and clients by providing a backdrop of diverse thought and communication. Clare House will utilize Board Workshops, Donor Prospecting Tools, a Social Media Consultant, and a PR Consultant to achieve results.


Communities In Schools of PA   

Communities in Schools of Pennsylvania Strategic Planning        

CISPA has experienced great growth over the last 2 years. They have expanded programming to 5 new school districts and grown their staff by 95%. As school district decision-makers grapple with the long-term ramifications of the pandemic, the demand for their services continues to grow.  As they enter the new fiscal year, they plan to embark on a strategic planning process to ensure that they are well-equipped to maintain this growth and expand the number of students they serve across the central and southwestern regions of Pennsylvania, with a specific focus on Lancaster County.


The Common Wheel    

Shoring up our Spokes  

The Common Wheel has faced a tough 3 years. Their founder & former Executive Director left their organization in dire straits at the beginning of 2020 with no succession plan in place. With him went what little major gift program they had. The Common Wheel survived a pandemic, created new programming, & turned their themselves back into a mission-driven organization that is led by folks who are truly passionate about revolutionizing Lancaster through the powerful entity that is the bicycle. The Common Wheel needs an expert to assist in creating and executing a great Development plan to ensure sustainability.


Chestnut Housing Corporation  

100 Affordable Homes in Five Years      

For ten years, Chestnut Housing (CHC) has provided affordable rental housing to dozens of families and individuals experiencing homelessness through an almost entirely volunteer-driven business model. In 2022, CHC is completing a strategic plan, resulting in a plan to meet more housing needs and grow its program from 12 homes currently to 100 homes. CHC’s five-year goals include increasing housing options, deepening resident support, building organizational capacity, and diversifying funding sources. We propose a project to build CHC’s capacity to operationalize year one of the plan.”


Lancaster Symphony Orchestra 

LSO Development Program       

Lancaster Symphony Orchestra has transformed since 2020. This transformation includes a new Executive Director, 100% turnover in Board membership, revision of their vision and mission to emphasize engagement with the diversity of the community, development of a new strategic plan, successful search for a new Musical Director, and balancing operating budgets. Because 60% of their revenue is from private gifts/grants, reimagining their development program is vital to their success. LSO requires professional-level assistance in this field and seek funds for a consultant to design a new development program, including annual and endowment gifts, and partnerships.


YWCA Lancaster           

Community Engagement Department Capacity Building 

YWCA is requesting funds to build capacity in their Community Engagement Department which includes Communications, Grants, and Development. Grant funds will help in 3 ways:

  1.  Website upgrades and improvements
  2. ClickUpon Subscription to increase traffic to our upgraded website and increase awareness of our programs
  3. Consultation and education on using Sales Force


Good Samaritan Shelter

Case Management Software Implementation    

Good Samaritan Services would like to receive funding that will help them to implement a new case management software system. Currently, Good Samaritan Services serves up to 250 people every day and they do not have a properly functioning case management program for their staff of nearly 30.  Implementing a new case management software system would move their organization towards a more effective way of tracking client progress, measure program success and enhance their technological ability to provide accurate outcomes to the community and funders.


Columbia Economic Development Corporation  

Stephen Smith Documentary Film         

Funding would be used to produce a $130,00(0) short documentary film concerning the life of Reverend Stephen Smith, an African American freed slave, abolitionist, and prominent businessman in Columbia in the mid-19th Century. He created an Underground Railroad on the town’s shore of the Susquehanna River, which helped many slaves gain their freedom. Rev. Smith is considered to be the first Black millionaire in the United States. The film will be produced and directed by Josh Henry of Lamphouse Films and will seek to promote Smith’s life and to serve as a fund-raising tool to finance a monument in his honor at Columbia Crossing.


Keystone Pet Enhanced Therapy Services (KPETS)          

Breaking Barriers Through Pet Therapy

While volunteer teams are crucial to KPETS efforts, they don’t have an adequate system in place to effectively support their internal coordination of volunteer teams, including focusing more on serving refugees, diverse populations, schools with underserved students and the Spanish-speaking populations in Lancaster County, as well as recruiting more diverse volunteers. Funding through this request would be divided to help support a staff position to strengthen this volunteer infrastructure as well as create marketing and promotional materials focused on volunteers and diversity.


Demuth Foundation     

Demuth Foundation Branding   

Eight years ago, the Lancaster Museum of Art merged with the Demuth Museum under the Demuth Foundation name. At the time, it was determined that each museum would retain its own identity and marketing, but as the organization has evolved and its community presence has broadened, they would like to rebrand to clarify to their audiences who they are and what they do. This will include a unified logo representing both museums and their institution as a whole, and cohesive style guide for each museum. Should funding be received, it will assist with consultant fees on this project.


Safe Communities, a program of Humanitarian Social Innovations          

Donor Database, Fundraising, and Accounting software purchase          

Building trust with those who invest in Safe Communities is critical to success in Safe Communities’ mission to end child sexual abuse. Donor/partners currently fund 80% of their budget. The purchase of an integrated accounting and donor database will help Safe Communities manage their donor outreach by providing metrics on relationship and making their efforts in recruiting donor/partners more sustainable. A consultant to help u choose and implement that system would expedite the work and aid in organizing their data in the new platform most usably.


Mental Health America of Lancaster County      

Technology for Access  

Mental Health America of Lancaster County requests funds to enhance its web and social media presence. Many people who seek their help are in crisis and need to find resources quickly. To better meet their needs, this organization will make our website more accessible and appealing and add bilingual sections and a chat function. The proposed project will enhance their social media reach by securing training for staff to better manage interactions with people seeking help. Funds will be used to engage a web designer, cover domain hosting of the site for one year, and purchase an online social media course.


Girls on the Run of Lancaster and Lebanon        

Coach Recruitment Video: Building a Volunteer Base that Reflects Our Community         

GOTR has fun, evidence-based programs that inspire all girls to build their confidence, kindness, and decision-making skills. Lessons instill valuable life skills including the important connection between physical and emotional health. Volunteer coaches are at the heart of the program. A strategic priority is to recruit coaches that reflect the diverse community GOTR serve. Funding will be used to create a coach recruitment video in English and Spanish to encourage people from all backgrounds—racial/ethnic, socioeconomic, geographic, gender, age—to volunteer to support their life changing program.



Laptop Compatibility Project    

This year UDSF has seen tremendous changes when it comes to network compatibility for their cloud based software programs. The software is vital for their staff to access client information. Without this information, they will not be able to provide care. With that said, UDSF underwent a hardware compatibility audit at our Lancaster office. The audit identified 10 laptops that will not be compatible to access the network software for client treatment. The grant funds will be allocated to purchase 10 new laptops (5-year lifespan) meeting hardware compatibility to access network software for client care.


Elizabethtown Community Housing & Outreach Services

Strategic Development Outreach          

ECHOS seeks to expand their outreach efforts by translating relevant marketing materials into Spanish to accommodate their clients and community members who do not use English as their primary language. This organization has seen a correlation between their street outreach and the people who seek their services. Having materials accessible in English and Spanish will expand this reach. ECHOS would also use funds to strengthen their monthly giving program to grow it into a sustainable and recurring source of income. This would include website modifications as well as print materials.


Lancaster Farm Sanctuary         

Lancaster Farm Sanctuary Website Redesign     

Lancaster Farm Sanctuary’s website is essential in conveying their mission. Their current site was built 4 years ago by a volunteer who used a theme template. That template is now outdated, and their site is experiencing system issues daily. It is of utmost importance they build a new site that effectively represents their organization and communicates the work they do. Lancaster Farm Sanctuary’s website also functions as a community resource and promotes local vegan-friendly businesses. 100% of the funds from this grant will be used to hire a local web design company to build a website that is effective and sustainable.


Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society 

Strategic Planning        

Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society proposes to work with Anne W. Ackerson, nationally known strategic planning expert and part of The Museum Group, to conduct a strategic planning process customized to the community impact opportunities of Mennonite Life’s interpretive museums, archives & library, and guest experiences. Anne would both lead and collaborate with board and staff to create a 3-year strategic plan. Ackerson’s proposal is priced at $7,800. With the remaining $1,200, Herman Bontrager, consultant, will lead strategic board training, so they can most effectively support staff in carrying out the approved strategic plan.”


Music For Everyone      

Barriers to Transportation Study for After School Music Program

Music for Everyone is seeking sustainable solutions to the transportation challenges experienced by their after-school program students. Students are enthusiastic to participate in their after-school music enrichment program and yet face the challenge of having safe and reliable transportation to their music program site. Funds will be used to study, plan, and create solutions. Music for Everyone anticipates that if this program is successful, many other community organizations will benefit.


Union Community Care

Expanding Health Care In Southwest Lancaster City       

Union Community Care is expanding its health services in the Southwest quadrant of Lancaster City in order to meet the growing needs of the community. This organization seeks funds to hire a consultant to assist with analyzing target population data, assessing available land parcels, and identifying possible site locations for a new comprehensive health clinic and pharmacy site. The consultant will also oversee listening sessions with community members to gather feedback and input to help guide their expansion and ensure that they are appropriately addressing community needs and reducing barriers to health care.


Serving People with a Mission  

Hand-n-Hand Leadership Program Expansion    

Serving People with a Mission (SPM) successfully piloted their Hand-n-Hand Leadership program at Farragut Career Academy Highschool in the 2021-2022 school year. Upon completion of the Hand-n-Hand Program, SPM hosted a graduation ceremony where they invited family, friends, school staff, and community members to honor the participants’ completion of the Hand-n-Hand Leadership Program. SPM wants to expand the Hand-n-Hand Leadership program to serve more at-risk youth of Chicago.

Clean Water

Clean water is a priority for partners across all of Lancaster County, especially since over half of our streams and much of our groundwater are unhealthy. Several organizations are ready to work across the landscape on restoration projects in priority places that make sense and make a difference in our water quality. Funding will enable local partners to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of those projects using technology, cultural sensitivity, and science-based practices that will get our streams to clean and clear.

Clean Water (Click to Expand)

Akron Mennonite Church            

Nature Preserve – Memory Garden         

Funds will be used to construct and install a 4500 sq ft rain garden to capture all the polluted stormwater from the Akron Mennonite Church (AMC) building roof and parking lot as well as most of the 4.3-acre parcel of land. Native tree species, border trees, and meadow grasses will be planted to increase stormwater infiltration.

A walking path will be constructed to welcome public use of the Nature Preserve – Memory Garden.

Environmental awareness will be raised with educational signage and events programmed by the Creation Care/Sacred Space Team.

The Creation Care/Sacred Space Team consisting of members from interested community groups, local residents, area churches, and the AMC congregation, will engage with neighbors, the Akron Borough, the AMC congregation, Diamond Street Early Childhood Center (DSECC) staff and families, and area churches to participate in partnering and utilizing the Nature Preserve – Memory Garden.


Borough of Ephrata        

Gross Run Stream Restoration   

The Gross Run Stream Restoration project will be implemented along 4,400 feet of the main stem of Gross Run and tributaries that discharge to the Cocalico Creek. Gross Run is a major source of sedimentation to the Cocalico Creek; therefore, the Borough is targeting this restoration project to improve water quality as part of their PRP reduction requirements. Of the 4,400-foot reach, 2,834 feet of stream are actively eroding. These areas will require channel realignments and stabilization with grade control structures and native vegetation establishment. On the remaining 1,566 linear feet that is currently more stable, riparian buffer enhancements and plantings will occur to ensure these areas remain stable and to provide continuous habitat along the stream corridor. Water quality improvements from the proposed project will achieve approximately 325,910 pounds of sediment reduction, 372 pounds of total nitrogen reduction, and 171 pounds of total phosphorus reduction annually.


City of Lancaster              

Milburn Park Green Infrastructure          

The City of Lancaster is planning to implement green infrastructure at Milburn Park as part of a park renovation that began in the fall of 2021. The project includes conveyance and piping, as well as the implementation of a subsurface infiltration trench to prevent 546,713 gallons of stormwater annually from entering the City’s combined sewer system. Runoff will be captured from 25,044 square feet of impervious area.


Octoraro Watershed Association              

Reynolds Run Stream Restoration Project             

Reynolds Run is disconnected from the floodplain due to increased discharges likely caused by historical ag practices, development, historic mills, and forest clearing. Current conditions exhibit vertical incision and extreme erosion, evidence of an increasingly degrading stream system. The lack of deep rooting buffer vegetation has resulted in bank sloughing, mid-channel bars, and channel widening. Horses have unrestricted access to the stream and riparian corridor resulting in little or no manure management in the floodplain. Approximately 1165 lf will be restored using natural channel design concepts to reduce erosion and shear stresses along the banks. The existing pond will be removed and converted into a wetland. Livestock exclusion fencing and a crossing will be installed to restrict access to the stream and riparian corridor and a 35′ wide riparian buffer will be established.  The funding requested will be used to pay for construction of a portion of the aforementioned BMPs.


West Lampeter Township            

GR Mitchell Bioswale / Channel Improvements 

The Township identified the GR Mitchell Hardware Store property in 2017 as a location for an MS4 Chesapeake Bay PRP BMP facility for the 2018-2023 Permit Cycle. An existing swale flows through the property which conveys 58 acres of urbanized runoff from Willow Street, Kendig Square, and two major PennDOT State roadways.  The existing swale is heavily eroded, overgrown with invasive species, and contributes to drainage issues of downstream culverts and Township roadways. This bioswale is a retrofit of the existing swale and provides the ideal location to remove pollutants and improve stormwater conditions in one of the largest and most urbanized areas in the Township. It is also a critical headwater location for Big Spring Run, which eventually drains to Mill Creek and the Conestoga River. Identifying and implementing projects such as this bioswale, serves to benefit the entire watershed and aims to preserve any future (or existing) clean water projects that are completed downstream.


Octoraro Watershed Association              

Unamed Tributary (UT) to Octoraro Creek Stream Restoration    

UT to Octoraro Creek is exhibiting signs of accelerated bank and bed erosion likely caused by stormwater runoff from Brown Rd and intensive agricultural lands. Historic channel straightening has removed much of its natural sinuosity, further adding to degradation, and the riparian buffer has been heavily impacted by emerald ash borer leaving many of the canopy trees dead. Approximately 1,795 LF of stream will be realigned using two restoration design approaches-a naturally sinuous single thread channel and a multi-threaded system intermingling in one wide, wet stream system with .60 acres of wetlands. Braided channels will be graded into the floodplain to control flooding and provide biodiversity and habitat. Legacy sediment will be removed, and the channel invert elevated to reconnect the stream with the floodplain which will reduce nutrient and sediment loads in the watershed. 2.56 acres of riparian forest buffer will be restored to provide long-term stability and ecological uplift.


Donegal Chapter of Trout Unlimited       

Neff-Denlinger Run Stream Restoration

The work will implement 2,833 linear feet of stream restoration/stabilization.  Implementation of such a project will reduce erosion, stabilize structure of stream channel and promote habitat.  The restoration/stabilization will utilize a multiple Best Management Practice (BMP) approach, applying natural channel design as described PA Fish and Boat Commission’s “Habitat Improvements for Trout Streams”.  Work will include enhancement and management of the existing native riparian buffer in the floodplain and adjacent wetlands. This will reduce sediment and preserve stream health. Both cross channel structures and bank stabilization will be utilized to adjust the form and protect scour in banks and stream bed. The attached design uses GP-1 habitat approaches and general bank grading techniques, using a GP-1 and GP-3 permit combination. Field data, including but not limited to fluvial survey, visual assessment, and wetland delineation will be conducted.


Little Conestoga Watershed Alliance      

Indian Run Floodplain Restoration           

The project proposes construction of a floodplain restoration of approximately 860 linear feet of Indian Run in Manor Township. The primary goal of the restoration is to remove the legacy sediment that is present in the valley bottom which will reduce bank erosion and restore riparian wetland ecosystem and function that will reduce the sediment and nutrient load in the watershed. Once the legacy sediment is removed, a native plant palate will be planted beginning with a native herbaceous seed mix, herbaceous plugs, shrubs, and trees. Restoring the form and function of the historical ecosystem offers many secondary benefits including habitat for threatened & endangered species of plants and animals, and stormwater benefits like reduced peak flows during storm events. Water quality improvements from the proposed project will achieve approximately 320,000 pounds of sediment reduction, 410 pounds of nitrogen reduction, and 158 pounds of phosphorus reduction annually at the site level. 


Donegal Chapter of Trout Unlimited       

Moser-Fishing Creek Stream Restoration              

This project will restore and stabilize 1,904 linear feet of a tributary of Fishing Creek along Scalpy Hollow Road, combining erosion reduction and stabilization of the stream channel. It will utilize a multiple Best Management Practice (BMP) approach, applying natural channel design and the selection of BMPs as described and presented by the PA Fish and Boat Commission’s (PFBC) “Habitat Improvements for Trout Streams”.  This will result in long-term stabilization and pollution reductions.  Enhancement and management of the existing riparian buffer in floodplain and adjacent wetlands are included to complement the restoration efforts.

The plan will enhance aquatic habitat (macro-invertebrates and fin fish) and preserve and create a riparian buffer along both banks of the stream.  The project design will use GP-1 habitat approaches and general bank grading techniques.


Conestoga River Club     

River Connections educational program development    

The Conestoga River Club (CRC), in fulfillment of its educational outreach mission is seeking to inform and create comprehensive syllabi for a variety of watershed interest topics. This organization is in the process of assembling an advisory team of professional educators, youth advocates, and youth program directors to guide this process. The larger scope is to create not a one-off program activity, but rather a complete educational initiative that provides support for current curriculum in public schools, day camps, retirement communities, and civic groups and others who work with underserved, poorly represented, or differently abled communities.  This will take the form of “wade in” interactions with Lancaster waterways, guided recreational activities, such as fishing, boating, or tubing, and integrated classroom activities. This grant request is to provide needed funding for immediate need for planning and development of this educational support programming.


Conservation Foundation of Lancaster County    

Lancaster’s Watershed Website Renewed           

The Lancaster’s Watershed Website Renewed project has the power to continue to education, enrich, and empower Lancaster County residents on a hosts of watershed related topics from what a watershed is, local water quality data, educational materials, connecting watershed groups with volunteer support, bringing new blood to watershed associations and forming new grassroot groups, and connecting people with their backyard streams and creeks to inform them on the challenges and improvements happening all around them.  The Watershed website is already doing all this but so much more could be added to further enhance this educational tool for all residents and stakeholders in Lancaster County waters and this project aims to accomplish that task.


Center for Watershed Protection             

Stoltzfoos Farm Monitoring        

The purpose of this project is to monitor the performance and soil health of biochar-enhanced agricultural stormwater management practices on a farm located in Upper Leacock Township, as well as provide support for implementation and maintenance of a proposed riparian buffer and develop agreements between the agricultural property owner and Upper Leacock Township to ensure both compliance with municipal stormwater regulations and consistency with the need for adaptability on active agricultural operations.

The monitoring and related analysis will include soil sampling and analysis both before and after implementation of biochar enhancements, an Arc SWAT analysis model of runoff reduction by an academic institution/university with expertise in biochar impact analysis, SWAT modeling, and sampling protocols. Core samples will be collected within the project area to a depth of approximately 12-inches and analyzed to determine optimum biochar application to achieve maximum runoff reduction. Soil compaction and hydraulic conductivity analysis will also be evaluated to further refine and inform biochar implementation design.

A maintenance protocol and guidance document will be developed by the Center for Watershed Protection to support ongoing performance of a proposed riparian buffer in accordance with all local and state regulatory requirements and current research findings.

Agreements between the property owner and Township regulators will be developed by the Center for Water Quality Excellence with support from the Center for Watershed Protection in order to ensure compliance with municipal stormwater requirements, adherence to state water quality and agricultural regulations, and ongoing adaptability of agricultural operations.


Quarryville Borough       

Memorial Park Streambank Restoration Project

The purpose of this project is to address 3 objectives. 

Objective 1- Outlet Pipe Repair- The project area contains an outfall pipe from an inlet box on SR 472.  The existing concrete pipe is deteriorating, and one section has fallen off into the stream.  The project will address this by providing a poured concrete end wall section.

Objective 2- Stream Restoration- To restore a heavily eroded section in the project area by providing boulder stream bank stabilization as well as additional buffer plantings. The boulder stream bank restoration will consist of 70′ +/- of heavily eroded bank area.  Supplemental plantings of shrub/understory trees (no shade trees due to overhead power lines) will complement existing plantings to increase the buffer width to a 35′ minimum. This organization would like this to be a beginning, phase 1 if you will, to restore additional sections of the tributary.  

Objective 3- Education-The stream location is in one of the Borough’s public parks which provides a great opportunity to showcase stream restoration to the public.  The project is also very visible from SR 472, a heavily traveled state roadway.  Although Quarryville Borough is currently exempt from MS4 Regulations, the Borough has a commitment to clean water to be enjoyed by all. A 2021 Clean Water Fund grant provided an educational trail on the other tributary in Memorial Park.  The Quarryville Borough’s goal is to have the park become a showcase for clean water best management practices. A rain garden is in the planning stage for an area in the park.  Due to the high visibility of the park, it is an ideal area to educate the public on these best management practices. Interpretive signage indicating the streambank restoration process would be placed on the southwest side of the project.


Little Britain Township  

Reynolds Run Stream restoration             

Little Britain Township wishes to apply for funding for less than 500 feet of stream improvements to Reynolds Run slightly upstream from its intersection with the Octorara creek, a high-quality watershed. Reynolds Run is a high-quality stream harboring wild trout which captures runoff from Little Britain Township. This section of the creek is depicted in Figure 1.

While a detailed improvement plan is premature, currently on-site conversation with Matt Kofroth of the Lancaster County Conservation District outlines several likely interventions. These are depicted graphically in Figure 2 and comprise:

  1. Planting of a riparian buffer
  2. Connection to the floodplain with a channel allowing flood water to flow into a former existing streambed. This streambed was the primary channel as recent as five years ago but large rainfalls have cause the new channel to develop. (See Figure3)
  3. Streambank grading which again allows connection to the floodplain. (Figure 4)
  4. Log and logvane placement.


Maintenance plans for the riparian buffer comprise constant visual inspection, the control of weeds, etc and the replanting of all trees and shrubs affected by but not limited to that of flooding. The riparian buffer will be fenced with an electric fence to prevent horses in this pasture access to these areas.

They are seeking funding of $10,000 for this project. Additional grants will be applied for from the Lancaster County Conservation district with the help of Mark Korfroth and from the Pennsylvania Fish Commission with the help of Adam Smith.

The funds will be allocated 100% to improvements if additional funding is obtained from the two sources above. If not, $3000 will be allocated to permits and engineering design for the projects by Adam Mowery Associates.  The remainder will be allocated to improvements.

Benefits will be accrued to all people and the environment by allowing less silt and topsoil to not enter the Octorara Creek, the Susquehanna River and the Chesapeake Bay, the stabilization of erosion and the improvement of the floodplain.

Community Bridge Building

New for 2022! The Community Foundation is launching the Community Bridge Builders Program to support and promote visionary projects seeking to bring historically or recently divided groups into harmony with one another. In today’s America, social media, the political landscape, and public discourse have become so polarized and tension between groups feels frightening and unsustainable. Lancaster County is filled with creativity, compassion and caring. We challenge our county’s CBO leaders to identify new programs to erase hate and prejudice, and to advance welcoming and appreciation of differing perspectives. The Community Bridge Builders Program will create bold pathways for all residents to manifest a brighter future – together.


Community Bridge Building (Click to Expand)

The Children Deserve a Chance Foundation         

The ACEs Retreat            

ACEs (Activate, Cultivate, Elevate) is a weekend long seminar for high school seniors. This organization successfully completed their ACEs Pilot Program and are looking to create an even better experience for their seniors next year. Throughout the weekend, their staff facilitates activities, presentations, and panels with 30 scholars from 12 schools focusing on communicating across differences, college readiness, and professional development. The funds would be used for event spaces, boarding costs, keynote speakers, and food for this organization’s scholars throughout the weekend.


Kamp For Kids Corporation         

Zionsville Youth Camps 

Funds will be used for two camps in Zionsville: one serves families who have a kid(s) with autism and the other, youth ages 8-18 who are at-risk/underserved. Both provide a comfortable place to retreat to for the weekend, immersing youth in nature and fun activities. At Zionsville Youth Camp for underserved kids, they see a distrust between youth and law enforcement. This organization’s goal is to educate their youth in different ways—like encouraging officers to participate in non-law enforcement activities with youth, like ropes courses—to help them understand and realize that law enforcement is here to help, not hurt.


Estilo Wei           

Estilo Wei Artist Support & Wellness      

Estilo Wei’s project supports artists by featuring their work quarterly. This feature includes an interview spotlight, an end-of-year show, and work included in their yearly art catalog. They will host several workshops between these spotlights focusing on wellness for creatives, such as yoga sessions, writing & art exercises, etc. These workshops will be open to the public, especially emerging artists.

The grant will be used for promotional materials, space rental for art shows & workshops, and compensating collaborators.


The Common Wheel      

Sharing is caring: creating a culture of care between drivers and cyclists 

The Common Wheel intends to bring together motorists & cyclists to talk about the rage that exists between the two groups & how they can create safer streets for ALL by teaching motorists how it feels to be a cyclist on the road and what the law is for cyclists & for motorists. The Common Wheel will partner with churches & other nonprofits throughout the county to recruit individuals to join them. In addition, this organization would like to hire Advoz to mediate the conversation & intend to use some funds to entice folks to join the conversation. The Common Wheel realizes bringing people together for hard conversations isn’t always easy.


I Glow Black, Inc.             

REjuvenate REcalibrate REconnect: A BIPOC Healing & Resilience Retreat              

REjuvenate, REcalibrate, REconnect: BIPOC Healing and Resilience Retreat, is a 3 day health and wellness event centering on the need for individual and community healing. 


Columbia Economic Development Corporation  

Stephen Smith Documentary Film            

To produce a $130,000 short documentary film concerning the life of Rev Stephen Smith, an African American freed slave, abolitionist, and prominent businessman in Columbia in the mid-19th C. He created an Underground Railroad on the town’s shore of the Susquehanna River, which helped many slaves gain their freedom.  Rev Smith is considered to be the first Black millionaire in the United States. The film will be produced and directed by Josh Henry of Lamphouse Films and will seek to promote Smith’s life and to serve as a fund-raising tool to finance a monument in his honor at Columbia Crossing.


Bethany Christian Services of Central PA

Safe Families School Program Solanco    

In collaboration with Southern Family Life Network and the Homeless Liaison for Solanco School District, Safe Families is implementing a school program in partnership with churches and 5 elementary schools in the district. To deepen community connections of economically disadvantaged families, Safe Families recruits, vets, trains, and approves volunteers with specific roles creating a Circle of Support within the district. The initiative aims to surround identified homeless/near homeless families of Solanco School District with community support to prevent homelessness/continued homelessness.


Music For Everyone       

In Music It’s called a “Bridge” for a reason            

A bridge is a musical passage that connects two sections of a song, connecting the verse to the chorus of a song. Think of it as a transitional section. Music for Everyone believes music bridges can be transformational. Music for Everyone and the Songs for Justice project have created bridges through the first four volumes they have produced and released. This project will provide opportunities for individuals of all backgrounds to seek understanding and empathy and create conversations that will inspire new appreciation for different voices and perspectives through the power of music.

Early Childhood Development

Supports programs that increase early childhood development for children from birth to age five.

Early Childhood Development (Click to Expand)

REAL Life Community Services   

Early Learning Mentor – Parent as Teacher Program         

The Early Learning Mentor helps implement the evidenced-based “Parents as Teachers” home-visitation program with families of children 0-2.  Meeting with families in their homes monthly, at Play n’ Learns, & through virtual Parent Cafes, the ELM teaches parents to prepare their children for kindergarten.  This organization partnered with the Cocalico School District & Community Action Partnership of Lancaster Co. to provide this program in 2020. In 2020, we provided for 6 families, & currently have 11 families in the program. RLCS intends to provide for 10 more families in 2022.


Community Action Partnership of Lancaster County        

Kindergarten Transition Programs           

Community Action Partnership of Lancaster County’s vision is to collaborate with school district partners through our First 10 initiative, an education model that creates intentional learning opportunities for children in their first 10 years of life, to provide school supplies and educational materials to facilitate kindergarten transition programs. Each school district partner will host several sessions for entering kindergarteners and their families focused on literacy, math, and social-emotional learning to help children and caregivers feel more comfortable with this important step in their education journey.


Burn Prevention Network           

Home Safe Home Prevention Education Program              

The Home Safe Home prevention program contributes to positive early childhood development by ensuring that parents are educated about how to keep children safe from accidental burn injuries. An initial education piece is provided at the hospital before sending reinforcing info in the form of newsletters over the next 5 years of the baby’s life. Each quarterly newsletter provides interactive activities that engage both children and parents but are designed to change parental behavior. Funding will be used to send the reinforcing educational newsletters to daycares located in Lancaster county.


Lancaster Recreation Commission           

Lancaster Rec Childcare Hiring Initiative

With a 6% decline in the number of childcare centers in Lancaster County from February 2019-February 2020, coupled with a county waitlist of more than 1,000 children needing daily care, Lancaster REC knows how invaluable childcare centers are right now. Their project will focus on staffing our programs through marketing and offering new staff an initial sign-on bonus, as well as a 90 day bonus. These efforts will lead to increase staff hiring, which will result in the ability to enroll more children in the program to help parents return to work and provide a better learning experience for children.


Demuth Foundation      

Crafternoons at the Museum     

With their new Education & Outreach Coordinator in place and a growing audience of local families engaging with our museums’ exhibits, Demuth Foundation is seeking funding to launch a new program designed for Lancaster preschoolers. “Crafternoons” at the Museum is a monthly program geared for ages 3-5 and will offer hands-on opportunities to create and explore the visual arts. Through this free program, participants will learn about basic art concepts while making their own crafts. Their $10,000 grant request will underwrite the entire program, inclusive of materials and supplies, marketing, and staff time.


Lancaster General Health Foundation    

Healthy Beginnings Plus

Healthy Beginnings Plus (HBP) is a free program for expectant mothers who qualify for Medical Assistance to receive positive prenatal care and other maternity services. Participants are given a personalized healthcare team to assist with check-ups, childbirth, exercise, nutrition, breastfeeding classes, supportive counseling and postpartum care/family planning. The teams are made up of a doctor or certified nurse midwife, a nurse care coordinator, and a social worker. HBP helps to assure mothers and newborns receive the best medical care possible.

Eastern Lancaster County

Supports programs working with residents in Eastern Lancaster County, exclusively in the geographic regions of Conestoga Valley School District, Eastern Lancaster County School District, and Pequea Valley School District.

Eastern Lancaster County (Click to Expand)

Lighthouse Vocational Services 

Community Participation Supports Program        

Lighthouse’s Community Participation Supports (CPS) program partners with local nonprofits to give adults with disabilities access to volunteer opportunities and job skills training with supportive staff. The goal of the CPS program is to increase employability of these individuals as they engage in healthy social relationships, learn transferrable skills, and contribute meaningfully to the Lancaster County community.

Funding will cover salaries of staff needed to provide personalized CPS services to adults with disabilities in required ratios.


Servant Stage Company

Youth Theatre Education program           

Servant Stage Company seeks to make theatre education easily accessible for students in Eastern Lancaster County, especially those with financial limitations, by offering a number of affordable arts education programs throughout the year. This organization will provide 3 summer theatre camps at Conestoga Valley High School for 150 students ages 8-18, and offer a variety of theatre classes (dance, acting, singing, etc) every Monday night available as Pay-What-You-Will. Funds allow us to rent classroom, rehearsal, and performance spaces in Eastern Lancaster County and bring in local theatre professionals to instruct and direct.


Lancaster General Health Foundation    

Lead-Free Families         

Lead-Free Families is a comprehensive community health initiative of Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health aimed at creating a pathway to eliminate childhood lead poisoning across all of Lancaster County, not just the city. The program seeks to eliminate this health hazard by offering free services to owner/tenants of local homes with at least one child under the age of 6 in the home. These services include lead screenings, in-home lead testing and remediation, healthcare and social service support, community education and outreach, and public policy advocacy and education.


The Factory Ministries   

Brave Buddies Mentoring            

Brave Buddies Mentoring serves students in grades 3-5 in the Pequea Valley School District, which has the fourth highest student poverty rate of Lancaster County school districts. Caring adult mentors empower learners to gain a growth mindset, increase self-efficacy, and improve grades and attendance. Outcomes are tracked through learner pre- and post-tests, and learner and mentor surveys. One student’s words sum up the program’s impact: “Through mentor encouragement, I worked hard to shoot a basketball. I got better each week and feel more confident. I know I can do hard things!”


Junior Achievement of South Central PA

2022-23 Junior Achievement BizTown Program for Students in Eastern Lancaster County

JA BizTown is a model town with a bustling economy fueled by citizens’ purchases at the town’s businesses. Unlike the “real world,” though, the citizens running the businesses and participating in the town’s government are 5th and 6th grade students.

The program teaches students about careers, work, personal finance, business, economics, and civics while helping to prepare them for a unique learning simulation, a day working as a citizen of BizTown. A grant from the Anne C. & W. Franklin Ressler Fund will help fund the program for students in Conestoga Valley and ELANCO school districts.


Girls on the Run of Lancaster and Lebanon          

GOTR Lancaster Scholarship Support for Girls in the Eastern Lancaster County School Districts      

Girls on the Run Lancaster is a Positive Youth Development Program, providing a fitness-focused afterschool activity for girls in grades 3 through 8 that builds self-esteem and promotes a healthy lifestyle. They are seeking funding for scholarships to support girls in their 2022-2023 season from the East Lancaster School Districts. They continue to see financial need, especially in Eastern School Districts. Over 53% of their girls needed financial assistance in Spring 2022 and they expect that to increase. Scholarships are essential to keeping their program accessible to girls from all backgrounds.


Lancaster Conservancy 

Welsh Mountain Trail Expansion: Phase I Assessment and Trail Design    

Welsh Mountain Nature Preserve (WMNP), located in East Earl and Salisbury Townships, is the Conservancy’s largest nature preserve consisting of 946-acres preserved in perpetuity and available to the public. This project is to plan for the sustainable expansion of the WMNP trail system into new areas of the preserve resulting in increased passive outdoor recreational opportunities within Eastern Lancaster County. Currently, only half of the preserve is accessed by trails. This project will expand the trail system across the entire area of the preserve.


Encourages environmental protection, conservation, and environmental education efforts.

• Preserve and protect the natural resources and environment of Lancaster County.

• Increase the awareness of the public of the need to manage and conserve natural resources and to protect the environment.

• Investigate, explore, study, and evaluate new, useful, and efficient methods, procedures, and technologies relating to resource conservation, waste management, and protection of the environment.

Environment (Click to Expand)

Ephrata Public Library    

Lens on Climate Change

Lens on Climate Change is a workshop that helps middle and high school students better understand the science of climate change through documentary filmmaking. The program curriculum was developed by the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences, a joint institute of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the University of Colorado. Funds will be used to purchase necessary materials and equipment and to provide stipends to science and film mentors. Visit the LOCC website – – to learn more about the curriculum.

Organizational Equity and Inclusion

Supports programs that embed equitable practices and systems within organizations all throughout Lancaster County.

Equity and Inclusion for Organizations (Click to Expand)

Lancaster Redevelopment Fund, Inc.      

LCHRA Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Initiative

LCHRA has made a commitment to the intentional inclusion of DEI practices that will inform how they serve clients and organizational structure. Throughout the pandemic they experienced a significant increase in the number of staff and clients coming to their office to directly connect with services. These changes have pushed them towards a more intentional approach around DEI. Lancaster Redevelopment Fund, Inc. would like to become more knowledgeable about the diversity in Lancaster and how they can best serve diverse populations, as well as how they can be an organization that cultivates a sense of belonging in the community



DEI Journey for UDSF     

Disability has always been a component of diversity, yet the efforts to include disability in the DEI landscape have continued to fall short. For nearly 60 years, UDSF has been at the forefront to provide programs and service that promote equitable treatment for people with disabilities. UDS’s business model incorporates inclusivity however they understand the changing landscape and they must adapt to reflect the community they serve. They will use the grant funds to hire a consultant who will perform a comprehensive DEI audit and create a strategy that encompasses the community they serve.


Ephrata Performing Arts Center (EPAC) 

Starting the Conversation Through Theater That Matters – Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at EPAC

It is the ongoing work of EPAC to provide a safe, equitable, & welcoming environment so that all are afforded a true sense of belonging at EPAC. EPAC will create opportunities to facilitate difficult conversations. This grant will provide EPAC with critical resources, including education & training, that will broaden their understanding of DEIA, put additional policies in place, & promote their vision of “Theater That Matters.” EPAC will be an example to the community -demonstrating as an organization, how we are addressing disparity, including racial disparity, social injustice, & oppression.


Lancaster Improv Players             

Lancaster Improv Players DEI Program Development      

Improv comedy is famously not diverse. Lancaster Improv Players have struggled with DEI and they want to radically change that. Although they feel their programs have the potential to reach a wider audience, they acknowledge there is something inherent in their organization that is in their way. Through consultation and active listening, they will find out what is holding them back. Their focus is improv and comedy, but they are open to listening to the community to refine or expand their programming to better serve Lancaster. They will add sketch comedy and seek other avenues. In short, they want to know what we don’t know.


The Mix

Charting Our Future through Diversity, Equity and Inclusiveness

To create a systems-level plan to address disparities experienced by their staff and community. The plan focuses on 4 areas: vision, measurement and accountability, inclusive culture, and social responsibility. The application of a collective impact framework led to the creation of a cross-departmental strategic planning committee made up of board members & staff at all levels of the organization.

The committee along with the organization’s equity team will work together to develop a holistic approach and strategy to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion internally and externally.


Volunteers of America of Pennsylvania, Inc.        

VOAPA’s Organization-Wide Assessment, Reflection and Plan for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

VOAPA will hire a part-time DEI practitioner to increase capacity in DEI learning and practice, including: participation in the LCCF cohort; conducting a DEI audit; presenting findings to the staff and Board; conducting staff-wide trainings; and, developing a cross-departmental focus group to enact strategies for DEI-aligned policies and procedures for organizational effectiveness and the equitable provision of services in Lancaster County. VOAPA will also develop new data collection strategies to better understand the historical context of the representation of populations in our programs.


Junior Achievement of South Central PA

Enhancing Learning Opportunities for School District of Lancaster Students          

As part of JASCPA’s DEI journey, the organization has identified a tendency for JA programs to be less utilized in its more urban schools. Reflecting on this observation has led the organization to embrace developing and implementing new approaches to better serve these schools and students. The School District of Lancaster is on board with the goal of expanding JA programs to more students to help enhance their learning and build community and career connections. This grant would help to support these new partnership efforts.


Demuth Foundation      

Demuth Foundation DEAI Growth            

Demuth staff are working to understand their biases and systemic barriers to participation at their art museums. The next step in their growth continuum includes developing exhibits highlighting BIPOC artists and deepening relationships for accessible programming. As they begin the research and planning phase of a reinterpretation plan for the Demuth Museum that incorporates LGBTQ+ and disability themes, they believe that the training and cohort experience provided through the Equity & Inclusion Program will strengthen their ability to create more equitable and inclusive environments within their galleries.


Fulton Opera House Foundation

Fulton Theatre Equity & Inclusion Project             

The Fulton Theatre recognizes that they must hold themselves accountable to support the undoing of oppression that has historically existed in the arts and within their theatre. They must promote equity as the core principle of everything they do. The Equity & Inclusion Project will provide an opportunity for Fulton Staff, Board, and Committees to focus inward, asking difficult questions and identifying necessary steps they must take to view all of their work through an equity focused lens. Their team will identify areas where they are lacking / falling short and outline action steps to apply what they learn.

Historic Preservation

Provides for the restoration, maintenance, and repair of historical structures in Lancaster County. To be used for many of the “unglamorous things” necessary to sustain a documented historical structure owned by a community benefit organization, so that it may be preserved for future generations.

Historical Preservation (Click to Expand)

Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen              

Restoration and Protection of the PA Guild of Craftsmen’s Facility on Queen St. in Lancaster City

The PA Guild of Craftsmen’s facility at 335 N. Queen St. in Lancaster City will undergo restoration of the exterior to mitigate potential safety issues. The restoration will include correction and repair to voids in the brick to alleviate water penetration into the building and the installation of expansion joints between buildings and building additions to allow for movement of brick and reduce current stresses in the brick at these locations. Fire doors will be installed to protect the studios and meeting spaces on the second floor. The PGC will celebrate “10 Years on N. Queen” in 2022.


Craighead House             

Craighead House Interior Renovation  – Final Phase          

The 2020 Snyder grant helped Craighead House (CH) to obtain an occupancy permit. The 2022 grant will be used to complete renovations, primarily on the first floor. The work will include restoring a fireplace to its original condition, repairing the downstairs plaster walls, replacing missing millwork, fabricating inside storm windows, selecting and hanging period wallpaper, refinishing the wood floors, repainting the kitchen woodwork, installing Plexiglas panels to protect the kitchen artwork, replacing the entrance porch flooring and installing a gutter system.


First Reformed United Church of Christ of Lancaster        

Save the Steeples — repair and paint the twin steeples  which identify of our historic church.        

Two steeples on the front of their historic church located beside the county courthouse need repair and painting. They have acquired drone photographs showing the condition of the steeples which are visible to the public in this registered historic site. First Reformed was the first congregation created in the City of Lancaster in1729.  The current sanctuary was constructed in 1854 on the site of the original log church. They are acquiring estimates for the project. They host several community groups ( AA,NA, Girl Scouts) and serve meals for up to  225 needy citizens on Tuesday PM and Saturday AM.


YWCA Lancaster              

Sexual Assault Prevention and Counseling Center Relocation       

The YForward Capital Campaign is a monumental improvement to our historic building. As part of this project, the Sexual Assault Prevention and Counseling Center (SAPCC) will be relocated to the ground floor in order to utilize 7,000 square feet of currently unused space that was previously a pool and fitness area. SAPCC’s cramped spaces are located on the same floor as residential units, with an exposed waiting room also serving as a pass-through for residents. As part of this project, YWCA Lancaster will be restoring and reopening the historic windows that have been boarded up for more than 35 years.


Donegal Presbyterian Church     

Donegal Springs One-Room Schoolhouse Restoration Project

Donegal Presbyterian Church would like to preserve for the community in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, Donegal Springs Schoolhouse, built circa 1870, which is an excellent example of this type of structure. The interior and exterior of the schoolhouse are almost entirely intact, with the original teacher’s platform and blackboard and the adjoining recitation room. Their mission is to begin this work now to prevent further deterioration of the structure. They have obtained contractor bids for exterior carpentry, roofing, masonry, excavation and sitework, and exterior painting.


Historic Preservation Trust of Lancaster County

Maintenance of the Sehner-Ellicott-von Hess House        

Built in 1787-1789 the Sehner-Ellicott-von Hess house is a landmark for community lead preservation in Lancaster County. It is important to maintain the historic fabric of Lancaster by keeping the house architecturally accurate. First Friday, tours and special events are being hosted at the property.  Replacement of the front steps, fencing/siding, and HAVC is critical to maintain its visible appeal and historic integrity. Downtown Lancaster is showing new vitality and historic architecture contributes to this growth.


Linden Hall School          

Linden Hall Mary Dixon Chapel Roof Repair          

Linden Hall is the oldest all-girls boarding school in the US – celebrating 275 years in Lititz, PA. The School is home to several buildings that are registered historic landmarks as part of the Moravian Historic District, including the Mary Dixon Chapel, built in 1885 by George Dixon in memory of his late daughter Mary Dixon, a student at Linden Hall. This historic project is vital to the Linden Hall campus and Lititz community. The original slate roof facing Main Street and the East end need to be replaced. The roof is leaking causing damage to the interior plaster in the chapel.


Central Market Trust     

Market House Doors      

The Central Market house was built in 1889, with 13 sets of doors, which allowed for air and foot traffic movement flow. After 130 years the original doors have significant wear and tear and do not work effectively with the Market’s security system, leaving the Market vulnerable.  Over the next four years, the doors will be replaced a few at a time.  Pre-covid estimates were $25K/set of doors in order to align with historical standards.  Funds will be used to replace four sets of doors next year.  A City Council resolved the the Trust will pay for the doors through the Building Reserve Fund.


Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society 

1719 Herr House Roof Replacement       

The 1719 Herr House is the gem at the heart of our 1719 Museum, and it needs a new roof. On the National Registry of Historic Places, it is the oldest home in Lancaster County and oldest Mennonite meetinghouse in the Western Hemisphere. Visitors learn about and experience early American life – of Indigenous people and European immigrants – at the museum. Conserving and interpreting the Herr House is important for historic and cultural understanding of Lancaster and the Atlantic World. Replacing the roof involves a project with 6,000 hand-hewn red oak shingles, quoted at approximately $150,000.


St. Paul Episcopal            

Columbia Food Bank Entryway  

The entryway-breezeway for the Columbia Food Bank (EIN: 46-4461348), housed at St Paul Episcopal Church in Columbia, PA will be replaced. A recent structural assessment characterized the entryway as in poor condition, having surpassed its useful life. The structure’s roof leaks irreparably, causing damage to the floor and integrity of the adjoining buildings. In addition, concrete handicap ramps will be installed on both ends of the entryway to provide maximum handicap access. Finally, the project will include new doors and fixed-panel glass walls to allow for a safe, well-lit entryway.  

Human Rights/Inclusion

Supports programs that fight hate and bigotry while seeking social justice for the most vulnerable members of Lancaster County, through internships, scholarships, workshops, and education.

Human Rights/Inclusion (Click to Expand)

Lancaster Bail Fund        

Pretrial Incarceration Data Collection, Analysis and Amplification               

By compiling critical statistics on the incarcerated, why and for how long–and by amplifying their results through a mini film series featuring real-life stories from those affected by the system–Lancaster Bail Fund will demonstrate the unnecessary cost of, harm caused by, and inequalities inherent in our bail and pretrial detention practices. Their goal is to create the social and political will necessary for systemic change and influence our leaders to commit to building a smaller new jail as a larger one will only perpetuate the daily injustices, parading as “justice”, harming our most poor and vulnerable.


United Way of Lancaster County              

NAACP Lancaster, Celebrating 100 Years: Growing Strong, Growing Justice

NAACP Lancaster, Celebrating 100 Years: Growing Strong, Growing Justice” celebrates the 100th anniversary of the founding at Bethel A. M. E. Church in 1923. Their project entails developing a portable exhibit and collecting archives, motivated and strengthened by the story of past NAACP members. This celebration will call on their fellow residents to join them in working for a more equitable community in Lancaster County.

The United Way of Lancaster is serving as fiscal sponsor for this application.


Bethany Christian Services of Central PA

Refugee Employment Services  

Serving 200 refugees in 2021, Bethany provides an array of Refugee programs in Lancaster. A grant will close the funding gap in two Employment Programs:

  1. Helps new arrivals (1st 5 years in U.S.) achieve self-sufficiency within 90 days of employment. Coordinated case management includes career assessment; job search; resume/interview skill building; English Language Learning; interpretation; and work experience.
  2. Helps eligible refugees overcome barriers to quickly secure employment, leading to self-sufficiency in eight months after arrival, without accessing cash assistance programs.


Ephrata Public Library    

Speak Out & Listen In!  

Speak Out & Listen In! is an initiative designed to foster respectful community dialogue and empower individuals through the medium of audio and podcasting. This initiative aims to combat hate in the community by expanding public, communal conversations to include a wider range of voices and to encourage increased sympathy towards our neighbors, who will be able to share their perspectives with more nuance and emotion and with fewer interruptions than they may otherwise be able to do. This organization will provide free access to tools and training needed and launch a community podcast.


Lancaster LGBTQ+ Coalition        

Monthly programming and engagement opportunities at the Loop           

The Lancaster LGBTQ+ Coalition has recently reestablished itself in its new location, The Loop. Grant funds would be used to provide robust programmatic support and assist the Coalition to host forums, dialogues, and group meetings around actively preventing homophobia, transphobia, racism, and oppression. Through programs and community groups such as gender expansive yoga, LGBTQ+ youth, religious trauma, non-binary support, and many others, the Loop will serve as a space of learning and engagement, actively demonstrating social justice and educating groups on actively preventing bigotry.  

Human Services Support

Provides home health or custodial care to people living in their homes who are affected by illness or disability in Lancaster County. Funding for human service support that provides a direct benefit to clients, such as housing needs and home modifications, utilities, home care assistance, and food access.

Human Services Support (Click to Expand)

Hospice & Community Care        

Home Hospice Care        

Hospice care is for people who have been diagnosed with a serious illness and are likely to have weeks or months, rather than years, to live. Hospice & Community Care’s Home Hospice Care services enable patients and families to receive individualized, personal care and support at home. Funds would be used to offset the cost of personal custodial care provided by RNs, LPNs and aides in patients’ homes, and help to support those without Medicare, insurance or other financial resources. Specialized care and support is available for anyone in our community who is coping with serious illness


Elizabethtown Community Housing & Outreach Services

Elizabethtown Emergency Shelter           

The Elizabethtown Emergency Shelter, which just ended the 2021-2022 season, saw an unprecedented number of clients. They anticipate seeing this need again next season. During the 2021-2022 season, the EES provided more than 2,800 bed nights, their highest utilization since opening and a 228% increase from last year. Through case management and advocacy, they aim to prevent recidivism and support guests in regaining housing stability and security in their lives. They would utilize funding to ensure that ECHOS advocates are able to provide case management, advocacy, accessibility, and consistency.


Revelations of Freedom Ministries (ROFM)          

ROFM’s Residential Recovery Program  

Revelations of Freedom Ministries (ROFM) is a faith-based non-profit with a mission to lead adult men struggling with addiction into life-long freedom. ROFM offers a 10-month residential recovery program that provides the necessary support, tools, and education needed for long-term stability. Their dedicated staff walks alongside individuals, providing holistic care through life skills education, counseling, and relationship reconciliation and restoration. Funds will support direct client assistance (food, clothing, housing) and program expenses (direct service staff, offices, supplies).



College Avenue Housing Project for People with Disabilities          

UDSF respectfully requests $24,200 to support the College Avenue Housing Project. This remodeling of the old St. Joseph Hospital into 64 apartments with 12 units will be set aside for people with disabilities to reside in. UDSF will be installing the home modifications, including SMART technology and accessible bathrooms in the 12 units. The grant funds will be allocated towards the cost of installing the modifications in these units. This is truly a community collaboration between businesses & nonprofits to address the need for affordable housing in Lancaster County.


Bethany Christian Services of Central PA

ReNew (Recovering Mothers with Newborns)    

ReNew’s system of care uses evidence-based models & ensures equity in access to treatment and life navigation support for women with Substance Use Disorder, from pregnancy through the 1st year of their child’s life. Addressing the impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences, the O.Z. Scholarship for Equine-Assisted Therapy will honor the life of a former client, who vehemently fought to overcome addiction & recently succumbed to an overdose, by enabling clients to process and heal from past trauma through a modality that has been successful for some who have not responded to traditional therapy. 


Spanish American Civic Association         

Bilingual Case Management Services     

Funds are being requested to hire a Bilingual Case Manager for Centro Hispano.  During the pandemic and afterwards, SACA experienced a dramatic increase in the number of non-English speaking individuals being referred to SACA for assistance from the 211-referral service.  Between 10/1/21 and 3/20/22, over 200 families were referred to SACA for assistance.  These included needs such as Housing, Legal/Immigration, Food, Social Security, SNAP, Medical, Clothing, Employment, PennDOT, Utility issues, rent rebates and Interpretation services. United Way will provide matching funds for the project.


Community Action Partnership of Lancaster County        

Housing Support for Doubled-up Families             

Their vision is to support families with school-age children who have been displaced from their home and are living in shared arrangements, also known as doubling-up. Families who are doubled-up are in a grey area between support for children by the McKinney-Vento Act and for folks defined as homeless by HUD, which can make it challenging for them to find stability. Their RISE team will walk alongside families who are doubled-up on their journey to thriving by way of finding a decent, affordable home.


Lancaster Redevelopment Fund, Inc.      

Lancaster County Emergency Home Repair Program        

This project will supplement the existing Home Repair Program (HRP) administered by the Lancaster County Redevelopment Authority.  Access to current funding is time intensive and does not accommodate emergency repairs like hot water heaters, furnaces, and other imminent issues. A separate pool of funds would allow for these issues to be fixed in the time-sensitive matter deserved.  The existing HRP is funded through Federal Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds.  This assistance is available to homeowners in the County who meet maximum income & other eligibility requirements.


Off The Streets Now Lancaster PA Chapter           

Let’s Get 16 Families Housed!    

Off The Streets will use the entirety of this grant help pay a security deposit for 16 households, to help stabilize them this Fall. Lancaster’s social services refer those families & individuals experiencing homelessness to us, once they have identified housing, have a way to pay rent going forward, but need help with paying a security deposit. We accept the screening completed by our referring partner, and pay the deposit directly to the landlord. Homes are furnished as needed.

Using only volunteers & donations, Off The Streets has helped over 3500 people into homes since 2013.


Harrisburg Area Community College Foundation

Providing a Safe Place on Campus for Breastfeeding Women       

HACC, Central Pennsylvania’s Community College, seeks to improve services and ensure equity for students, employees and community members on the Lancaster Campus by providing a safe lactation space for breastfeeding mothers. The optimal space is private, clean, comfortable and has an electrical outlet, a table, a chair, and a locking door. To provide this space, HACC will purchase and install an ADA-compliant lactation pod. Their overall goal is to comply with Title IX and Section 7 of the Fair Labor Standards Act and to communicate the availability of this resource to everyone on campus.


Parish Resource Center

One for One Community Support Teams

PRC is expanding their One for One Community Support Teams, which matches one volunteer with one person or family to offer a point-of-contact for processing individual needs, with an emphasis on removing the most common barriers-to-care that vulnerable people experience. Early success of this program, in partnership with Union Community Care doctors and social workers, has led other care providers to request similar support, prompting PRC to strengthen One for One through expanded volunteer training, professional consultation, and the creation of a sustainable fund for meeting one-time needs.


American Cancer Society             

American Cancer Society Road to Recovery         

One of the biggest roadblocks for people needing cancer treatment is the lack of transportation. The ACS Road To Recovery® program removes barriers to cancer treatment by providing free transportation for people facing cancer. Depending on patient needs in the Lancaster County community, our Road To Recovery trained volunteer driver program can provide rides to patients who have no way to get to and from their cancer treatment. They also provide community transportation grants to their local health system partners so that patient & provider can make the best decision on transportation services.


Servants, Inc.    

Home Helps Program – Lancaster County             

Servants, Inc. provides critical home maintenance and repairs to Lancaster County residents – especially seniors and households living with low incomes – to empower homeowners to live safely in their own homes and preserve their investment in their property for as long as possible. For seniors and other low-income households, “home preservation” is the best and most affordable housing option. Servants is requesting $10,000 in program related costs including building supplies and personnel to provide the Home Helps Program in Lancaster County.


Keystone Service Systems, DBA Keystone Human Services            

Kitchen Replacement    

A specific residence in Lancaster is home to four individuals with intellectual disabilities who have been living together for years. They are a close-knit group who consider each other as family. They enjoy cooking and baking, however their current kitchen has seen more than 50 years of use and is in a very poor condition. Additionally, it is not laid out in a way that allows for them all to be able to actively participate in cooking, which impacts quality of life.

An updated kitchen is needed as a means to heighten safety, improve the living environment and enhance quality of life.


Landis Communities      

Welsh Mountain Home

Welsh Mountain Home (WMH) has a 100-year legacy of serving aging adults and persons with disabilities. WMH is licensed as a personal care home with a capacity of 52 residents.  35% of residents have an intellectual disability or mental health issue and need daily care. They cannot live alone. WMH is also known as “a social security income (SSI) home.” 67% of residents have SSI as their only source of income to pay for care, meals, and housing. Annual SSI increases are minimal. These aging adults are at risk of homelessness. Funding is needed because they cannot afford care and housing.


Lancaster General Health Foundation    

Lancaster County Food Farmacy

The Lancaster County Food Farmacy is a community benefit initiative that integrates access to healthy food and free nutrition education into the care plan for food-insecure patients with nutrition-related conditions like metabolic syndrome and prediabetes. An LG Health registered dietician meets with patients at participating food pantries and provides them with nutrition counseling and healthy food for them and their families. The Food Farmacy has locations in high-need areas across Lancaster County including, Lancaster City, Quarryville, Paradise, and Columbia (Food Express Columbia).


Lancaster LGBTQ+ Coalition        

HEART House    

The HEART program was established by the Lancaster LGBGTQ+ Coalition in response to the critical housing needs affecting LGBTQ+ Lancastrians. As part of this initiative, the Coalition established the HEART house, currently located in the SOWE neighborhood, to provide subsidized temporary housing opportunities, programs, and mentorship. Grant funds would support HEART house residents with housing expenses, case management, and direct support for some of the most vulnerable members in our community.

Through its first cohort, HEART supported 100% of its residents to acquire permanent housing.


South Asian Association of Lancaster      


Project INVIGORATE is a proposal for extending a current project of SAAL aimed at assisting Senior Citizens of Lancaster County in recovering from the mental afflictions due to the pandemic COVID.  The pandemic spared no life stage of humans with most vulnerable Senior Citizens affected the worst owing to forced home-bound and restricted lifestyle over 2 years.  SAAL implements a senior citizen gathering one Thursday of every month to invigorate the participating Senior Citizens with activities of entertainment and social gathering with food.  This has been extremely welcome and appreciated.

Performing Arts

Supports performing arts programs in the Lancaster County community, with a preference given for those that serve underrepresented or underserved groups in our community.

Performing Arts (Click to Expand)

Lancaster Symphony Orchestra

Sound Discovery Programs          

The Lancaster Symphony Orchestra is an organization of professional musicians. Their mission is to fully occupy the role an orchestra should play in a diverse community, by presenting high-quality live music, providing educational opportunities, fostering music appreciation, and enriching Lancaster through accessible performing arts. They are multifaceted and strengthen the music program at Columbia from multiple angles. Besides providing musical instruments, they provide free repairs on their loaner instruments and fulfill instrument accessory wishlist as provided by the music teacher through the Play it Forward program. They are invited to participate in the Carnegie Hall Link Up program, which includes educational materials/curriculum and bussing to the live culminating performance in May.


Gretna Productions Inc DBA Gretna Theatre        

Touring Outreach Program          

Established in 2018, the Touring Outreach Program brings arts-education directly to schools by providing performances focused on social-emotional skills combined with age-appropriate curriculum. Themes include diversity, equal rights and inclusion, and bullying wrapped into historical events. Study guides are developed with teachers and guidance counselors to ensure that lessons address PA Common Core and artists facilitate further conversation after the show. Grant funds would provide access to this opportunity for underserved communities in Lancaster County, due to budget restrictions.


PRiMA Arts Inc 

NextGen: A Career Pathway       

Prima imagines Lancaster’s underrepresented youths that are unsure about their career paths or contemplating an arts career but don’t know where to begin. They imagine our proposed project creating clear pathways for these scholars through experience, guidance, and mentorship. They dream of revamping this robust program, titled “NextGen,” to provide transportation to the theatre, experience free, live theatre, engage in meaningful cast talkbacks & create relationships with top theatre professionals, with the end goal of paid internships and/or part/full-time work, at Prima or another local theatre.


Servant Stage Company

Pay-What-You-Will production of the Broadway musical RAGTIME            

Servant Stage seeks to make the performing arts accessible for all, especially people with financial limitations and accessibility issues, including many low-income families and elderly people. They plan to present a production of the Broadway musical RAGTIME for our community at no charge, seeking to bring our diverse community together for a shared experience of a powerful story that inspires, educates, challenges, and entertains. We expect this show to reach more than 10,000 people, including touring outreach performances for local retirement homes and assisted-living communities.


Ephrata Performing Arts Center (EPAC) 

Bringing The Color Purple to the Lancaster Community   

EPAC is applying for this grant for a special presentation of The Color Purple. The show will run between October 13 & October 29, 2022. This will be a full production, special event, & community collaboration – allowing them to celebrate diversity, offer talk-backs & discussions, & bring an important show to their stage as a regional premiere. DEIA is a core part of their mission, but their resources are limited due to their geographic location & available volunteers. In the grant proposal is their budget to provide a stipend for an all-Black cast & creative team & offer community dialogue.


Penn Square Music Festival        

Sanctuary Road, an Underground Railroad Opera              

Penn Square Music—in collaboration with Lancaster History—will produce and perform “Sanctuary Road” during Black History Month 2023. The opera is about Pennsylvania abolitionist William Still, often called “The Father of the Underground Railroad” and one of the most prominent Black Americans of his time. They will highlight Lancaster’s significant role in the Underground Railroad through an educational program for grades 4-6. The grant will fund the singers and orchestra, curriculum development, and a performance for local students, where they will pay for the students’ bus transportation.


Lancaster Symphony Orchestra

Sound Discovery Programs          

The Lancaster Symphony Orchestra (LSO) envisions a community where every child, regardless of socioeconomic background, has access to hear and create music. The Sound Discovery programs, a suite of eight initiatives, provide this access, supports school music programs, and champions the development of the whole student: academically, individually, and socially. Foundation funding would go directly to sustain and grow our Sound Discovery programs during the 2022-2023 season.


NakedEye Ensemble      

Hyphenated Selves        

Since 2016, the US has become a country of heightened racial and political tensions, exacerbated by the pandemic, with violence unleashed on the Asian community in a wave of fear, ignorance, and hatred of ‘the other’.

NakedEye’s new project “Hyphenated Selves” highlights non-mainstream stories of immigrant artists. It contextualizes their work and shines a light on the hyphen that defines who they are and how they see themselves. This project offers works by four young Asian-American composers and performance artists, each with an already impressive and extensive body of work.


Fulton Opera House Foundation

IDEA Speaker Series: Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility

Through the IDEA Speaker Series: Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility, their theatre will celebrate the voices and perspectives of the most marginalized members of our community (i.e. Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC), LGBTQ+, those with accessibility challenges, etc.) via interactive discussions facilitated by experts in the IDEA field, as well as Fulton artists and community leaders.


Lancaster LGBTQ+ Coalition        

The Loop Amphitheatre for All   

Performance art is pivotal to the expression of life and, historically, the cultural arts have been a catalyst for driving equity. The Lancaster LGBTQ+ Coalition envisions restoring the stage found within its new headquarters, the Loop, and creating an Amphitheater for All which will showcase performers, speakers, artists, and musicians with targeted emphasis to those who have historically faced underrepresentation and marginalization. Grant funds will support performance artists, productions, and events that bring visibility and celebration to Lancaster’s rich and diverse arts communities.  


South Asian Association of Lancaster      


SAAL’s strives to make a positive impact in Lancaster Community while promoting the South Asian cultural heritage through activities of mutual interest.  Dance is a unique art that leaves individuals with happy souls and physical fitness, and has no discrimination! South Asia has a rich culture of performance arts comprising of traditional and contemporary forms with several of them gaining attention, interest and patronage of mankind globally.  SAAL intends to promote such performance arts from across the diaspora as a medium of social integration and communal harmony in the Lancaster County.


Visual Arts

Provides support to visual arts programs in Lancaster County, with a preference given for those that serve underrepresented or underserved groups in our community.

Visual Arts (Click to Expand)

Hands-on House, Children’s Museum of Lancaster            

Arts for All          

In 2021, Hands-on House conducted a trial program whereby they removed all fees associated with visual art programs. They increased participation from 100 to 300 kids per month. Art For All at Hands-on House is a program designed to continue free art classes and open art while also enabling them to expand class offerings to reach more children. Their goal is to exceed 500 kids per month participating in visual art programs. Their primary focus of growth would be reaching children from low-income homes. Funds will cover marketing ($3,500), material costs ($3,000) and added teaching hours ($7,500).


Hands-on House, Children’s Museum of Lancaster            

Art To Go!          

Their successful outreach program for STEM learning in schools and libraries combined with their success with their in-house art programs, uniquely positions Hands-on House to succeed in a newly devised ART TO GO! program where they would bring visual art to area daycares, schools and even homes. They look to target children 4-10 in small group settings. Funding would be used to acquire a used van, create a custom graphic wrap for the van (decal), bins and dolly for transport of materials, art materials.


Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen              

Fine Craft Education for All in Lancaster

The PA Guild of Craftsmen will hold art education workshops at locations throughout Lancaster City to build diversity, equity, and inclusion through a project called “Fine Craft for All in Lancaster City.” Through strategy and partnership, their outreach will seek instructors and students from historically and systematically marginalized communities. The program includes free classes, supplies, professional development, and other opportunities to remove possible barriers to engagement.


Lancaster Improv Players             

Bringing Sketch Comedy to Lancaster PA               

Lancaster Improv Players will build a sketch comedy program in Lancaster by training teachers, building a three-level class structure, and developing at least three sketch comedy teams that will produce comedic content on stage and on video. They will supplement teacher training by offering scholarships to future teachers at nationally known comedy theaters (like Second City and UCB). Improv notoriously lacks diversity. By adding sketch, Lancaster Improv Players seeks to improve and celebrate diversity within the organization. They will accomplish this by adding key partnerships and improving marketing.

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