An Extraordinary New Economy

January 25, 2018

As the Lancaster Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with the Community Foundation, United Way of Lancaster County, and LNP Media Group release their update on the county's Prosperity Indicators, we are again reminded of the character, resilience, and can-do attitude that makes Lancaster County so extraordinary.

Our county's diversity of perspectives and influences keeps our community dynamic, and has since its creation.

The story of Lancaster County’s community and culture cannot be told without telling the story of immigrants and refugees.

Welcoming New Americans – immigrants and refugees – is part of our community’s DNA and an important piece of what has made Lancaster County strong and resilient. And in many ways runs counter to the current narrative of our national politics.

Last year, the Chamber partnered with a nonpartisan group called New American Economy to study the Economic Impact of these New Americans in Lancaster County.

In their report, we learned much about the ways New Americans engage with the economy in Lancaster, and the ways that these members of our community help grow our County.

What we've learned:

What we've learned

    Foreign-born residents have higher levels of education than U.S. born citizens in Lancaster County; Filling critical employment needs at all levels of our economy.

    Immigrants here are more likely to be self-employed or start their own businesses , and are responsible for creating or retaining over 1,000 manufacturing jobs in Lancaster .

    Immigrants contribute over $1.3 billion to our annual GDP, this translates to $155 million in state, local, and federal taxes paid, bringing $440 million in yearly spending power to our community.

    In short: our community is stronger when we welcome.

    The Community Foundation is committed to supporting all members our community who want to help shape the future of Lancaster County together. Our welcoming is a smart investment, because New Americans and New Lancastrians are, in fact, supporters, additives, and creators of wealth and resources right here in Lancaster County.

    You’ll soon hear more about an effort lead by the Chamber, in partnership with the Community Foundation and New American Economy, to develop a multi-sector plan for welcoming and integrating New Americans.

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