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Providing Youth a Voice

Keystone Art & Culture Center, Keys for the City piano

Students from the Youth Art Board, established with a Community Foundation grant, design our 2012 Keys for the City piano.

Creativity is a vital resource in moving our community forward. Creativity in the hands of youth can be even more powerful. That’s why we partnered with the Keystone Art & Culture Center to establish a Youth Art Board, nine enthusiastic and talented students from across the county, to act as leaders in the local art community. The pilot program, funded by an Ah-Ha Seed grant, allows students to bond with experienced mentors while learning new skills like welding and bronze-casting. The students grow personally through fundraising for art scholarships and exploring the business side of the trade in galleries and art studios. And they give back to their community — they’re already working on a mural project to beautify the neighborhood. We were able to see the students’ energy first-hand when they created our 2012 Keys for the City piano!

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