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Placing Anti-Racism Directly Into Our Strategy

Unlike many organizations, the Community Foundation does not have a traditional “strategic plan”, instead, we have adopted “Real-Time Strategic Planning“, which allows us to filter new ideas through a series of questions that are core to our values. If an idea can’t get through a filter without answering “yes”, it’s not an initiative we take on.

In response to calls for clarity, specificity, and action, we are adding a new strategic filter which will precede all others: 

“Is this initiative/project/idea anti-racist?” 

It’s a simple but important question because our society is coming to terms with the fact that, as Ibram X Kendi writes, simply being “not racist” does not address the real issue of racism. In order to truly confront systemic oppression, our initiatives cannot be simply “not-racist”, which preserves the racist status quo, but actively anti-racist. 

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