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Extraordinary Give raises $8.6 Million!


On November 17, our community joined in a celebration of giving to support hundreds of local community benefit organizations during the sixth annual Extraordinary Give.

In just 24 hours, 23,734 of us visited and made 51,619 gifts totaling $8.6 million to one or more of the 464 participating organizations. That’s nearly $100 per second, $6,000 per minute; and a whopping $360,000 per hour! In just six days since 2012, when we launched the first Extraordinary Give, our community has joyfully given over $30 million. Thank you!

But, the numbers only tell a small piece of the story. The real story is the unifying passion and commitment to our city and county. The real story was acted out across the community – from Columbia to Quarryville, Lititz to Lancaster. Families and friends joined gatherings, giving parties, and ExtraGive Fest to celebrate causes they care about and experience the thrill of giving back. The Extraordinary Give is a chance to be part of something bigger than ourselves.

Our community understands that a strong community benefit sector supports kids and families, education, healthcare, the environment, the arts, culture and more. It makes our community a more desirable place to live. This, in turn, supports a healthy business ecosystem where companies can grow and families can flourish. Working together, these elements create a thriving community that supports us all.

The Extraordinary Give brings our unique and diverse community together to celebrate our collective generosity and build on the possibilities for our future. On November 17, we showed the world how generous our community can be. We joined together with thousands of neighbors and friends to give a little extra.

At the Community Foundation, we invite everyone whose generosity was on display during Extraordinary Give to learn more about our work and how we can help your generosity live on in Lancaster…Forever.

Learn more about your favorite organizations and our corporate partners Rodger & Associates, the S. Dale High Family Foundation and others who make the Extraordinary Give possible at!

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