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Honoring the legacy year round

As Black History Month comes to a close, we have been inspired by the many stories, posts, and features we have seen across the community throughout the month highlighting the accomplishments and contributions of people and communities of color. It is important to reach back and remember, now more than ever, the legacy of the countless individuals in the African American community of Lancaster who have helped shape our community into what it is today, and what it can be in the future.

However, we also believe the best way to celebrate Black History Month is to celebrate it year round; to never stop working towards the goals and examples set forth by extraordinary individuals at all levels and sectors of society to make our county a more inclusive and equitable community. Individuals like Mr. Nelson Polite Sr., who tirelessly sought to improve his community through public service, youth mentorship, and responsible stewardship. Today, and every day, the Community Foundation works to remember and honor Mr. Polite’s legacy, and we invite you to continue the extraordinary contemplation, action, and celebration shown in February throughout the year to create a more inclusive Lancaster County for all.



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