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Shuman Family Downstream Solutions Fund

This fund celebrates the life of John R. Shuman, Ph.D., aquatic ecologist from Lancaster County. The fund is designed to provide research and communication support that helps assess and implement water quality improvement  projects within the Lower Susquehanna River watershed.

John was an accomplished water resource scientist who was passionate about the health of the Susquehanna River watershed and concerned about its downstream impacts on the Chesapeake Bay.  He grew up exploring and cherishing the lands and waters of the Susquehanna River Hills, something he shared with his family and friends. He was an award winning scientist, author, watershed association president, avid trout fisherman and lifelong outdoor enthusiast.

Applicants to this fund are encouraged to give careful consideration to “What questions are you asking?” Figuring that out creates a powerful convergence of forethought, focused experimental design, purposeful fieldwork, and a passion for sharing results to advance solutions.

John was working on water quality improvement projects, and was president-elect of the Pennsylvania Chapter of the American Water Resources Association when he died.  This fund celebrates his life by supporting water quality projects on the ground — because clean water, shared, is an ultimate common good.


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