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On why they support the Extraordinary Give:

Rick and Jessy Rodgers

“We support the Extraordinary Give because it unites Lancastrians in the goal of building a healthy community. Extraordinary Give 2012 and 2013 increased awareness of the needs in our non-profit community and expanded the reach of donors. The event created a ‘buzz’ that inspired giving particularly from younger donors and those living in outlying communities. It deepened and expanded the culture of personal philanthropy by stretching their gifts to make a bigger impact on the non-profits they chose to support. The Extraordinary Give makes philanthropy accessible, fun and easy for the entire Lancaster community. We are pleased to partner with the Lancaster County Community Foundation for the 2014 Extraordinary Give and hope that it will build even broader on-going community support to the participants.”

– Rick and Jessy Rodgers



Thanks to the foresight of Martin H. Baer, we are able to invest a portion of the Baer estate to benefit our entire community benefit sector and help deliver our $250,000 Extraordinary Give Stretch Pool. Legacy gifts through the Community Foundation like this one, mean that caring individuals can continue to have positive impact on our community for generations.


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