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ExtraGive 365 Prize Winners Announced!

For 6 years running, the Extraordinary Give has provided an opportunity for hundreds of organizations across Lancaster County to think outside the box, invest in something new, engage donors in creative ways. Throughout the evolution of the ExtraGive, the Community Foundation has worked to build a platform for organizations to learn best practices, and learn from each other, that they can use all 365 days of the year, whether its through Tech Talks, networking events, or information sessions.

New for 2017, the Community Foundation wanted to inspire creativity and collaboration in the ExtraGive through its prizes! These “365 Prizes” were awarded after the ExtraGive, and rewarded work and strategy that organizations are hopefully employing beyond the ExtraGive season for all 365 days of the year! Two $2,500 prizes were developed: one for best marketing campaign, and one for best collaborative event. Organizations were able to submit their entries to be considered through an online application including a brief description of their submission, what made their submission “different”, and photos of their campaign/event. The entries were judged by a panel of local creatives, who used a scoring rubric developed by the Community Foundation to determine one winner for each category!

We couldn’t be more excited to see the creativity and collaboration that so many organizations displayed throughout the ExtraGive season, and we wish we could have split the award into multiple pieces because there were so many extraordinary entries! We can’t wait to see what organizations come up with next year!


An award for best marketing campaign across multiple mediums and formats

Why the judges loved the campaign:

The creative use of video! Green Meadow managed to get high levels of social engagement on their content using low-cost but content-driven video that stuck in the head and clearly communicated the necessary information, all while doing it in a creative way.


Examples of the marketing campaign:


Aspen and Banjo – ExtraGive 2017

Aspen's really excited about the ExtraGive, so excited he can't stop telling Banjo all about it! Join us in our excitement by participating in our Sharing Contest! Watch this video then share it and make a comment to be entered into a drawing for an awesome Green Meadow Farm gift basket (min. $55 value.) You have up until the 16th to share and comment. We'll be randomly picking the winner on Thursday, November 16th at 6pm EST, ExtraGive Eve!

Posted by Green Meadow Farm on Friday, November 10, 2017


"I'm Not Shy Anymore" – Story Video – ExtraGive 2017

After being on our wait list since last fall, Ted and Danna along with their daughters came to us for our fall session this year having journeyed for the past 4 years through the trauma of Danna’s cancer surgeries and treatment. We have decided to share the story of their time here with us in the short video clip below.Our cups overflow as we see the mission God has given us, to bring refreshment, renewal and rest, being fulfilled in the lives of those who come.We are only 2 days away from the Extraordinary Give!Please don’t let the amazing date of November 17th pass you by!Here is the link to take you to our ExtraGive page:

Posted by Green Meadow Farm on Tuesday, November 14, 2017


ExtraGive 2017 – Belle Reveal

Belle's uncovering our participation in the 2017 Extraordinary Give! Join us on November 17th in the comfort of your own home for Lancaster's largest day of online giving! The ExtraGive is a wonderful community event that brings together thousands of like-minded people with the purpose of supporting many wonderful non-profits. Your minimum donation of $25 to Green Meadow Farm helps provide continuing care for our five wonderful horses and will help us continue towards our goal of building a Storm Shelter to help keep our lesson parents comfortable and dry in inclement weather here at the farm! Every dollar counts. For more information please visit

Posted by Green Meadow Farm on Monday, November 6, 2017


Creativity Prize Judges:

– Timbrel Adidala, Lush Bazaar

– Matt Hannigan, GoodThree Design

– Kasey Hults, The Infantree


An award for best collaborative event that engaged multiple organizations together for cost-sharing and cross-promotion


“Raise our Voices Karaoke”

CAP and multiple other community partners invited community members to come sing with them in Penn Square OR request your favorite song to be performed by our non-profit community “celebrities.”


Why judges loved the event:

Collaboration is the name of the game, and this event had it in spades! Judges loved the collaborative nature of the event, as well as the simplicity: lowering the bar for participation, and being able to generate enthusiasm for issues that can often be heavy.


Judges for Collaboration Prize:

– Rose Luciano, Fruition Collective

– Rod Shumaker, Shumaker PDT

– Tricia Fackler, Atomic Design