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The [TBD] Table

“Was that a typo?” you ask. Just what the heck is “The [TBD] Table?”

We’re piloting a different kind of lunch series for Lancaster on the third Tuesday of the month, and we want to welcome you to join us for the ride!

We are surrounded by so many inspiring people with ideas and expertise around varied topics, we thought – why not create a platform to share their pursuits and their passions with the greater community? Could we create a fun, informal, and intriguing space where learning, discussion, and diverse community can flourish?

We’re calling it The [TBD] Table for a couple reasons:

First, the presenters and topics are TBD.

We will be working behind the scenes to thoughtfully curate presenters and facilitators month-by-month, and we certainly want to hear from YOU to help us select the topics you care about.

Second, what [food] you bring to the table is TBD, too.

Brown bag it or stop by your favorite stand at Central Market beforehand and bring it to enjoy during the talk! If you feel so inclined, you might even bring something to share with new and old friends at the table (no obligation, of course!). What’s important is that we come together to to learn about our extraordinary!

So bring some friends, and join us at the Community Foundation from 12-1pm, on the third Tuesday of the month, from August through October!

We are a welcoming place for all people – our building is accessible and our team is happy to answer any questions you have.


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