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Create New Grants and Opportunities

Upon the outbreak of the coronavirus, we were able to start up the Lancaster Cares initiative to mitigate the lack of job loss, food access, housing stability, and healthcare; while also maintaining our two summer grant cycles. With this being said, our team is committed to analyzing specific support we can show for Black and Brown communities. Although a lot of this anti-racist work must happen within our own organization, staff, and board; it is crucial to direct financial support to communities that are being targeted and underserved by government forces. The implications of COVID-19 are likely to be long term and we want to continue providing support to underserved individuals and families that are less likely to recover from a job or house loss. 

We are committed to doing more to support Community Benefit Organizations run by people of color, women of color, and organizations that work to connect Black and Brown communities to needed resources. We will also be looking for organizations that show initiative to educate and train staff members through established programming in anti-racism work. 

Resources for equitable grant-making and funding:


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