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Confronting sexual harassment

Shaping effective culture through awareness

Sexual harassment has dominated headlines and is currently re-shaping and re-energizing the way many workplaces across the country approach their office culture.
As part of the Community Foundation’s continued commitment to providing free capacity building opportunities for the community benefit sector in Lancaster County, we were excited to develop and host an information session about the ways entire staff can be empowered to help shape office culture, protect victims, and create policies that promote empathy in the workplace!
The session was lead by Schaun Henry, of McNees Wallace and Nurick, and was attended by members of the community benefit sector, as well as private industry!
The Community Foundation is committed to equitable and safe work place culture, and we’re thankful to Schaun for taking time to share his knowledge with our community!

Miss the session? 


We’ve got Schaun’s slides for your reference. At this workshop, we learned:

  • How to address complaints and thoroughly discharge your responsibilities when complaints arise
  • How to establish policies and practices to properly protect your organization and the alleged victim
  • What you should and should not say to employees, and in some cases, the public about these complaints
  • What are the true “limits” of some “me too” claims
  • When to take steps that can help to avoid organizational liability


Download the slides