Lancfound Blog

Celebrating our Creative Community

We’re proud of our role as one of many entities in Lancaster working to shape our creative community.  We recently joined forces with MOOSE (Mayor’s Office of Special Events) and LancasterARTS in celebration of the deep roots and meaningful impact of creativity as an important part of our dynamic business, philanthropic and arts community.

Our “Building Community through the Arts” initiative allowed investments in projects like: Fulton Theatre Education program, Keystone Arts Regional Ad Campaign: the Walking Man, LancasterARTS, Mosaic Project at PCAD and Poetry Paths.

Each of these projects is bringing value to individuals and our community. Yet, we believe these investments are about even more than the arts. Together, we are supporting a culture of creativity.

A culture focused on catalyzing new ideas, trying new business models, forming new partnerships and finding different ways to approach our challenges.

Our Ah-Ha Project was inspired by our support of the arts and has laid the foundation for how we are moving forward. We are supporting the creativity of Lancaster to spur innovative change and a brighter future for all of us.

How will you help shape our Creative Community?