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CBO COVID-19 Resource Center

As the COVID-19 crisis continues to unfold at a dizzying pace, we know that keeping up with daily business, let alone seeking out information and support is challenging. On this page, we will gather some of the most streamlined and relevant information and resources for Lancaster’s Community Benefit Sector.  The work we are all doing to support each other today will strengthen us for tomorrow.  Together, we’ll weather this unprecedented situation!

Community Foundation Funding and Resources

The Community Foundation is working closely with the CBO sector to support both the needs of residents as well as the sustainability of our County’s extraordinary organizations. This can, and will, look many different ways as the crisis continues to evolve and unfold throughout the community.

Lancaster cares website header with organization logos

Grant application for rapid response dollars:

In the immediate term, the Community Foundation is partnering with the United Way of Lancaster County on the creation of the Lancaster Cares COVID-19 Response Fund. Lancaster Cares is designed to provide essential support for Lancaster’s Families during the epidemic and economic fallout by supporting access to food, housing, and rapid response dollars to address emerging issues.

The application for rapid response funds via Lancaster Cares to support emerging needs is now available. Grants are available from $1,000 – $10,000 and will be distributed weekly.

2021 Grants and Opportunities info session graphic

2021 Grant Programs:

Rooted in our organizational philosophy and values, the Community Foundation remains committed to cultivating a culture of equitable and inclusive opportunities in Lancaster County and we hope to partner with you. Grant opportunities for 2021 will be announced in March. 




Lancaster Cares

A response from the Lancaster County Community Foundation and the United Way of Lancaster County, this fund will support Lancaster residents with food, housing, and rapid response dollars to address emerging issues.

Share Insights

We need your help to inform our view of the situation on the ground, we’re committed to listening and collaborating closely with the community members and organizations that are on the front lines of potential issues that are still unfolding in this unprecedented challenge.

Sign up for Updates

In this rapidly changing situation, we want to make sure we’re keeping you in the loop as developments happen. Sign up for our CBO mailing list to stay up to date:

Community Resources

A listing of local and national resources about general COVID-19 response for organizations:

Multifaceted Resources


The Lancaster Chamber has created a hub of information for the community:


Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations Background ...





View PANO’s resource kit including webinars, funding information, legislation updates and more:

Read More

Technology Resources for Nonprofits Impacted by COVID-19

In difficult times, the world turns to civil society for support. At TechSoup, we’re committed to equipping your nonprofit with the technology resources you need to meet your mission, serve your community, and support your staff.

Leadership Lancaster running list of resources



Developing Lancaster session with Susan Eberly and Christine Schneider of Alegre Events: Virtual Events

Developing Lancaster session with Dani Beam on Fundraising During COVID-19: Moving Beyond the Immediate Crisis

How to Create Participatory Virtual Experiences that Keep your Donors Engaged in Times of Crisis

Join Charity How-To for hands-on training where you will learn how to create participatory virtual experiences for your supporters. 

Worried that the cancellation of your in-person experiences (events, meetings, tours, performances, and trips) will lead to lost donations and connections? Wondering what else to do besides update your donors and ask for money?

COVID-19 is creating an urgent need for human connection in a time when virtual experiences are the only option – and connection is only created through participation.  It’s time to dial up your virtual engagement strategy and steward those critical supporters through participatory experiences. 

Developing Lancaster- Communicating Sensitively with Donors During a Crisis

This is a group meetup specifically for CBO development/fundraising professionals. Currently, this group meets weekly virtually. Email Ashlinn Masland-Sarani to join!

Brenda Riehl specifically discusses specific language use and tactics to effectively communicate with a variety of donors. 

Developing Lancaster- How to Fundraise in the time of COVID-19

A group meetup specifically for CBO development/fundraising professionals. Currently, this group meets weekly virtually. Email Ashlinn Masland-Sarani to join!

Chad Barger guides us through national crises that have occurred in the past and the way fundraising had been affected. This historical context allows the conversation to move into current fundraising tactics in the digital age and how communities can support their most vulnerable. 

Developing Lancaster- Fundraising During COVID-19: Moving Beyond the Immediate Crisis

A group meetup specifically for CBO development/fundraising professionals. Currently, this group meets weekly virtually. Email Ashlinn Masland-Sarani to join!

Dani Beam focuses on an organized plan and a careful approach to donors, as well as, real examples of compelling and successful appeals. 

Developing Lancaster- Virtual Events

A group meetup specifically for CBO development/fundraising professionals. Currently, this group meets weekly virtually. Email Ashlinn Masland-Sarani to join!

Many organized events have had to be rescheduled or canceled due to COVID-19, therefore, in this session Susan Eberly and Christine Schneider of Alegre Events will be exploring ways to attract donors virtually. 


General Operations:

THE NONPROFIT SHOW: Strategies, Innovations and Insights That Build Stronger Nonprofits

The nation’s only live daily show for Nonprofits. Join the conversation with our daily Show Guests as we discuss Nonprofit issues and opportunities–and be inspired to achieve your nonprofit’s mission, vision and values!
Show time is 9:30am Pacific | 10:30am Mountain | 11:30am Central | 12:30pm Eastern
The 30-minute show is live and episodes are archived at:

Seeking Emergency and General-Operating Grants in Response to the Crisis

Webinar about seeking grants for general operating expenses.

Non-Profit Thought Leadership Series: Bringing the brightest minds and best practices to the nonprofit community

No matter what your role is in your nonprofit organization, this webinar series will help you gain important insights and proven strategies that will move your mission forward in the changing fundraising landscape. You’ll hear from development professionals, consultants, and industry thought leaders about campaigns, digital practices, leadership strategies, and research methods.

Non-Profit Peer Group: Ask an Accountant

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, we want to provide a free webinar focused on accounting, payroll, and cash flow related topics. The panelists will cover changes including individual tax, employer payroll tax, corporate tax, employer retention credit, delay of tax payments, and cash flow strategies followed by a Q&A.

View the Recording

Multiple Topics:

Foundant webinars on grantmaking, donor management, donor-advised funds, day to day accounting functions, and more during COVID-19

Past Webinar Content from Lancaster Chamber

We look to offer a variety of webinars during this time to help businesses navigate an assortment of challenges. From employee financial wellness to County preparedness, join our webinars.


Leading Through Uncertainty

Leadership Lancaster and the Lancaster Rec pulled together 9 leaders throughout the County to learn more about how they are serving our community, ways we can get involved, and their lessons on leadership. Our community is working hard and full of hope. To fill your hope cup and learn more about what’s happening throughout the County, watch it here!

#RaceAnd Pandemics: Covid-19 and global diseases through a structural lens

A webinar on a systemic analysis of the racialization of Covid-19 and pandemics in history.

Developing Lancaster- Practicing Resilience 

A group meetup specifically for CBO development/fundraising professionals. Currently, this group meets weekly virtually. Email Ashlinn Masland-Sarani to join!

Developing Lancaster introduces Kedren Crosby and Jamie Arroyo to discuss resilience, leadership, and how to better yourself- even in times of uncertainty.  



COVID-19 – Racial Equity & Social Justice Resources

COVID-19 Racial Equity & Social Justice list includes information that we hope will help communities and activists as they work to understand and respond to the moment and for the long haul. Racial Equity Tools COVID-19 Resources are arranged in categories to help you sift through the material:

COVID-19 and Race

People of color are disproportionately affected by COVID-19 and its economic fallout. Policy Link is working to make sure that medical care, emergency relief, and longer-term recovery efforts target the people and places in greatest need by advancing an intersectional equity policy agenda for federal, state, and local leaders driven by Principles for a Common-Sense, Street- Smart Recovery, and bringing a sharp focus on the racial implications of the crises through a weekly commentary and media analysis project.


With many plans upended in the last few weeks, turn to your closest supporters and help them help you. 

4 Ways to Engage Major Donors 

From Chronicle of Philanthropy

Tips for Communicating with Donors during a crisis

From Bloomerang

The Plus One Method: A “Why Didn’t I Think of That” Method for Simple, Effective Digital Nonprofit Networking

Reimagining Spring Fundraising Events 

From Network for Good


Leadership Transition When a Founder’s Star Is on the Rise

Three unique challenges facing successors who take over from ambitious founder-predecessors, and how to navigate them during the already difficult period of transition.

Peer leadership in shelter during COVID-19

Columnist Andrew Huff looks at how emergency shelter staff and guests can work together, cohesively, as public health leaders.

5 Quick Tips for Working from Home

Thanks to our friend Chad Barger for sharing these thoughts on how to be more effective and productive in our new reality. 

Tough Times Call for Tough Action: A Decision Framework for Nonprofit Leaders and Boards.

SeaChange, has a decade of experience working with nonprofits with respect to risk management, lending, financial analysis, mergers/collaborations, and restructuring/dissolution. Our new report—Tough Times Call for Tough Action: A Decision Framework for Nonprofit Leaders and Boards—summarizes the advice we have given them and the best practices we are seeing in the field.

View Now

Checklist to Consider

With events and fundraisers being cancelled or postponed, many organizations are having to think carefully and creatively about their next financial moves. In addition to emergency funding options, remember to consider some of your basic costs as well.

  • Renal and Mortgage Costs.  If you rent your office space or pay a mortgage, be sure and reach out to your lender. While there are some mandated deferrals and loans available through the CARES Act, you might be able to negotiate additional benefits through personal outreach.
  • Utility Costs.  Look into any special offers or provisions from your service providers. Is there an opportunity to reduce or extend your payment terms?
  • Monthly Bills. Reassess your monthly payments. Perhaps there are some services or payments that can be halted for now and restarted when the time is right 

Why Temporary Coronavirus Liability Relief is Needed for Businesses

As Congress closes in on the next Coronavirus legislative relief package, one of the most important remaining debates is over lawsuit protections.  Organizations across the country have united to call for timely, temporary, and targeted liability protections for those that work to follow public health guidelines. They need assurances that if they do the right thing, they won’t face more financial hardships from unwarranted lawsuits.

Funding Opportunities

The WAWA Foundation

The Wawa Foundation and Wawa Community Care are committed to building and maintaining strong relationships with local communities and national partners. To achieve this, we provide focused financial and in-kind support for non-profit and community organizations, as well as event sponsorship and volunteerism.

Our support focuses on three key areas:

Financial Grants
For local, state, and national partners (through The Wawa Foundation). Learn more
In-kind Support
For local community events and organizations (through Wawa Community Care). Please ensure your event date is at least 3-4 weeks from the date of your online submission. Learn more
Local Sponsorships
For charitable events (through Wawa). Learn more

HIP’s Essential Fund 

HIP’s Essential Fund is designed to support Latino-led and Latino-serving organizations across the United States with close ties to the community in their efforts to provide much-needed COVID-19 relief and recovery efforts, including resourcing workers and their communities with cash, food and rental assistance, PPE and cleaning/disinfectant supply kits, child care, critical information and other resources needed to help protect workers and their families, including the tools and leadership needed to continue providing essential services for our country.


Since the Coronavirus was introduced into the United States over two months ago, Congress has passed four separate packages to address a wide variety of issues and support the health care sector, businesses, individuals and families. While a majority of the relief will target businesses, individuals, families and health care, certain provisions in each bill have relevance to the charitable sector. Council on Foundations (COF) has summarized each bill and highlighted the specific provisions that may impact the charitable sector.

Group Meet-Ups

Developing Lancaster

A group specifically for CBO development/fundraising professionals. Currently this group meets weekly virtually. Email Ashlinn Masland-Sarani to join!

CARES Act Resources

On March 27 The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (C.A.R.E.S.) Act became the third piece of legislation enacted in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. S. 748, The C.A.R.E.S. Act, provides significant funding for businesses, hospitals, schools, and social support programs, among many other things. 

We are compiling a list of resources, local and national, for CBOs to potentially access this funding to support their work.


The Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations (PANO) is providing free webinars about the CARES act:

Q&A About S. 748: The C.A.R.E.S. Act

View Recording

Nuts and Bolts: Applying for Loans Available through the CARES Act

Applying for CARES Funds

Local and national resources explaining how to apply for CARES funding:

COVID-19 Cultural and Museum Preservation Grant Program

The COVID-19 Cultural and Museum Preservation Grant Program provides grants to cultural organizations and museums that experienced a loss of revenue from the closure by the proclamation of disaster emergency by the Governor on March 6, 2020 published at 50 PA.B. 1644 (March 21, 2020), and any renewal of the state of disaster emergency.

Nonprofit Quarterly: How Nonprofits Can Utilize the New Federal Laws Dealing with COVID-19

Read More

Independent Sector: CARES Act: How to Apply for Nonprofit Relief Funds

Read More Read More Read More

RKL: How to Federal Coronavirus Relief Laws Help Nonprofits?

Read More

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