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From the cafe at Tec Centro, to the Pi Sigma Phi Fraternity at Franklin & Marshall College; from the refugee resettlement offices of Church World Service, to dozens of homes across Lancaster County, an estimated 2,000 members of our community came together on May 20 & 21 to talk about their ideas, hopes, and dreams for Lancaster as part of At The Table.

WATCH: A Special Concert for Refugees Preview!

We invited Corty Byron, Mike McMonagle and Matt Underhill of the Lancaster City “Super Group” to give us a short preview of what’s in store for the Concert for Refugees, THIS SUNDAY (1/17) at Tellus360! Come out and support our welcoming and extraordinary community!

The event will begin with greetings/food/drinks, followed by a one time

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Thank you 2014 Baldwin Fellows

The Baldwin Fellowship offers leaders in our community benefit sector a unique chance to pursue an area of personal growth and through a year-long individualized learning program. We believe that in order to lead some of the most important organizations in our community, we must invest in the individual development of our local leaders. With Read More