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10 Years of Baldwin Leaders

When the Baldwin Leaders program launched more than 10 years ago, we hoped it would offer encouragement and energy to leaders in our community benefit sector. Introduced to honor former Board Chair, John Baldwin, the Baldwin Leadership Program supports the personal leadership development of current and emerging leaders. This spring, we celebrated more than 50 Read More

Welcoming New Americans: Essential for our Future

Welcoming New Americans — immigrants and refugees — is part of our community’s DNA. The story of Lancaster County’s community and culture cannot be told without telling the story of immigrants and refugees. New Americans have been a fundamental part of Lancaster’s community since it’s creation. Data show that welcoming New Americans is an essential Read More

A Celebration of Local Philanthropy

Generosity runs deep in Lancaster County. Every day, people across our community inspire us with their giving spirit. In April, we gathered to celebrate the many individuals and families that make giving a part of their every day lives for both today, and tomorrow.

Rick Rodgers, President of Rodgers & Associates, and S. Dale High, Read More