How might we cultivate a culture of equitable and inclusive opportunities for Lancaster County?

This is a big question. And we want to work with you to find solutions.

Through 8 years of The Ah-Ha Project, we’ve learned that people want to get involved in their community, and that ideas that engage and inspire people can gain momentum. Beyond just Lancaster County, we’ve seen national trends present us with new ways to expand and unify business purpose with community purpose, and that for these inspiring ideas to take root they require champions for inclusivity.

Beginning this year, the Community Foundation is proud to announce its new impact strategy, Activate and Amplify: a way to leverage more community resources than ever before to help build on the extraordinary momentum Lancaster County has generated to cultivate a culture of equitable and inclusive opportunities. We’ll be partnering with Community Benefit Organizations (CBOs), individuals, businesses, and more to make this happen.

This will look a lot of different ways in the coming months and years. In 2019, this will primarily take the form of pilots and explorations: trying out new ideas, seeing if they gain momentum, and scaling them up. We know that culture shift is a marathon, not a sprint, and issues of equity and inclusion are some of the most challenging topics to hold space for meaningful conversation, let alone create sustainable change. But we also know that Lancaster is like no other place in the country, and our cross-sector, steadfast commitment to our values sets us apart, and gives us a vital opportunity.

Through all we’ve learned with the Ah-Ha Project, we know that while this is a big swing, the answer isn’t far. It’s right in our own backyard. It’s with you.

We’re looking forward to learning and moving forward together with you with what’s next. With your help, Activate and Amplify will engage CBOs, individuals, and businesses together to break down silos, unite our shared future, and transform our community in new and extraordinary ways.