About Us

What We Do

At the Community Foundation, we help people who love Lancaster County invest in the future of our community. Since 1924 we’ve been helping people establish permanent funds for the causes they care about and making grant investments to organizations that create a stronger and more vibrant quality of life for all of us.

Today we hold nearly $95 million dollars in community assets that help support Lancaster every year. These resources are unique because they mean that this year, and every year, the Community Foundation will invest a portion of this money back into community benefit organizations and the emerging needs of Lancaster County.

MISSION:   To advance the vitality and well-being of the people of Lancaster County by inspiring generosity and by being responsible stewards of gifts for today and tomorrow.

VISION:     To champion extraordinary community through inspired giving for sustainable, meaningful impact.

OUR PHILOSOPHY:  Building our community’s culture and capacity for innovation and creative problem solving is essential for an extraordinary community.


What We Believe


At the Community Foundation, we are committed to making long-term impact in Lancaster County.  Yet, we are more than grant dollars. We are more than an investment strategy. We are more than a list of numbers and a pie graph of percentages.  We are people working together to create extraordinary community.

We believe that Lancaster County is a place built on work ethic, self-reliance, faith and creativity.  We come from roots that champion steadfast commitment, innovation from within and making the best of what’s around.

We are people who care; generous individuals and thoughtful givers. We care about strengthening our community and about weaving together our shared aspirations.  We’re committed to our little corner of the world and how we can help make it a better place for our neighbors and for our children.

The Community Foundation exists to help people make their mark on our community but also to inspire their vision of our future.   We serve Lancaster County as stewards of our shared assets, but also as a catalyst for our community’s greatest hopes.  We help connect people to the causes they care about and inspire the people who are making change happen.

We believe Lancaster County has the raw materials for extraordinary. Deep passion. Open spaces. Creative souls. Hellbent commitment to the things we love.

At the Community Foundation, our work helps make dollars go further.  But we do more.  We’re committed to a larger purpose that unites us.  A vision for a stronger, more secure, and more vibrant future for all of us.  We champion more than philanthropy.  We champion extraordinary community.